ANZAC Day Art and Crafts ideas for Lane Cove Kids

For those of you with little ones, you always know your kids will come home with a poppy artwork for ANZAC Day. These days, many of us are keeping the kids home from school and daycare but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a gorgeous poppy!  Thanks to a local Art Teacher and owner of JumpingClay Australia, Jana Griffiths, she has pulled together a few ANZAC Day themed craft and art activities which are simple and easy to do.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so read Jana’s Tips on Keeping Kids Occupied in ISO

Take it away Jana……

Poppy Scratch Art

Cover a white piece of paper with oil pastels in basic colours and then paint over a layer of black or dark blue paint. Once the paint dries, get a toothpick and start scratching the top layer, forming the shapes that will let the colourful base come through.

Modelling Clay Poppies

We used JumpingClay as it’s easy to shape, doesn’t create any mess and air dries within 24 hours. We started with only 3 colours: red, black and green and after added some of the black clay to the other two colours in order to make darker red and green for tonal variations. First, we made the individual petals, then the stem and then we added the petals to the calyx.

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ANZAC Day Art Collage

Use a newspaper page and paint it with red and green using food colours. Once dry, cut some red tissue paper and glue down the poppies, use crayons to draw their steams.

Poppy Inspired Candle Holder

This craft is perfect to help Light Up the Dawn on ANZAC Day. Find out more about Light Up the Dawn here.

Recycle a glass jar and cover the insides with layers of red and green tissue paper. Use PVA glue to glue the paper cutouts and also to cover them with glue as a protective layer.

PS- Don’t leave your lantern outside overnight to dry. You will find it gets too wet and will be ruined. We know from previous experience!)

Photo (on right) Credit –

Thank you Jana.

JumpingClay is currently offering 20% off site wide. Purchase here

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