Burns Bay Physiotherapy is still open

COVID 19 has raised many challenges for all of us. The good news is we are still open and here to help if you need us. We are also offering Telehealth consultations for people who would prefer to stay at home. While we cannot perform any hands-on Physiotherapy treatment remotely, with the help of internet we can help with advice about pain and biomechanical issues, we can device exercises appropriate for self-management and plan how to get you back to moving freely.

COVID 19 has brought many changes to our lives and as a result at Burns Bay Physiotherapy we have seen many people with pains related to working at home. For most people their ergonomics are not as good at home as in the office but importantly we are finding people are often moving less when working from home. In the office there are more interruptions that encourage us to move and change our posture, compared to working from home. These interruptions turn out to be very important for unloading structures and preventing pain.

We have also seen many people reporting old pains that have resurfaced since they cannot swim or go to the gym. We can help with devising appropriate strength and control strategies to fill this gap so as you can continue to control your pain and maintain good functional abilities.

Whatever the reason for your pain, we are here to help. If you would prefer a telehealth appointment, just let us know when making your booking.

Be assured that we are meticulous with our handwashing and disinfecting all surfaces that are frequently touched.

For an appointment call 9427 8333 or online bookings www.burnsbayphysiotherapy.com.au