Have you met Maggie, Owner of Ground Caffe Lane Cove?

Many of you might know that the Ground Caffe has been located in Lane Cove Market Square next to the Lane Cove Library for many years now. But you may not know that in early December 2018 local Mum, Maggie acquired the business.

Meet Maggie

Maggie and her family have lived locally since 2014 and love the Lane Cove community. Maggie had finished a year of maternity leave and at the same time, her eldest daughter started at St Michael’s Primary School.  This was the perfect time for a lifestyle change.  So she swapped her corporate gear and became a local Lane Cove business owner.

Running a cafe is time-consuming but at the same time, it has allowed Maggie to be more involved with her daughter’s school and to attend activities during school hours such as athletic carnival, mini cross country, excursion etc.


Maggie is enjoying the relationships and she has made with fellow parents, school teachers and other members of the community.  She would not have made those connections if she was not a local business owner.

After the Lane Cove Public School canteen fire, Maggie raised her hand and offered to help them with the lunch orders.

What’s On Ground Caffe’s Menu?

Ground Caffe has their regular menu with customer’s favourites and bi-monthly specials to keep things new and exciting.   Since COVID 19 menu changes have been limited.  However, they still have daily specials.  At the moment they have a different soup of the day. (Mr ITC is loving the soups).

They also have house-baked muffins, gluten-free carrot cake, and gluten-free nut-free brownies… they are popular!!!

Dining In

Ground Cafe Lane Cove has a beautiful outdoor area that is bathed in sunlight during winter. At the moment, like all cafes, they are limited to 10 patrons eating in at the one time.

Dining At Home

If you prefer to dine at home or on the go, you can still order via a delivery platform or call for pickup orders. And remember, if you order directly through the cafe they don’t have to pay commission.

They are open 7:00 am -2:30 pm Mon-Sat, 7:30 am -2:30 pm Sun.

They have also launched Meal for Tonight. Give yourself the night off cooking and phone Ground Cafe to order or use Uber Eats to order (during cafe trading hours).

You don’t have to wait until dinner you can easily heat it up whenever you are hungry, (who said Meal for Tonight has to be when the sun sets, you can order for a bang-up meal at lunch). Menu Here

Check out the regular menus here –

The cafe features amazing speciality coffee by Toby’s Estate Roaster.  Ground Caffe’s barista won the 2019 Coffee Carnevale Barista of the Year. 

Contact Details

 Shop 14/24-28 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
 9420 0410
Instagram:  Ground Cafe Lane Cove
ITC Business Community Supporter: Ground Caffe


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