Lane Cove Market Square Pay Machine Robber Arrested

    In January this year we reported that the Lane Cove Market Square pay machines were out of order.  The official reason at the time was the machines had been vandalised.

    Police have now charged a 36-year-old Eastwood man with a string of offences that occurred in Lane Cove and Crows Nest in relation to the pay machines.

    Police will allege that around 1:10 am Sunday 5th January the Eastwood man attended Lane Cove Market Square where he forced open a parking station pay machine and stole the cash contained inside. A short time later the man attended a carpark in Hume Street, Crows Nest where he again forced open a pay machine and stole several thousand dollars contained inside.

    It will be further alleged that several days later around in the early hours of Wednesday 8th January the male returned to Lane Cove Market Square and again forced open the pay machine, causing extensive damage and stole cash contained within before attending a carpark in Holtermann Street, Crows Nest and stealing several thousand dollars from a parking pay machine at that location.

    Detectives from North Shore Police executed search warrants at homes in Eastwood and North Parramatta where clothing and a number of other items were seized. The Eastwood man is facing 4 counts of stealing and 4 counts of damaging property he will face court next month.

    Since that time the machines have been upgraded.

    If the machines are out of order for any reason You can pay on exit.  Remember if you think you might have been in the car park for longer than three hours, use the red/orange lane to exit and stop right next to the pay machine to check if you have to pay.

    If you forget to pay, you have a three-day grace period to pay for parking at

    If you are now parking at The Canopy, they use the same ticketless parking system as Lane Cove Market Square.  Here are some answers to the FAQ’s about The Canopy car park.

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