Twenty Five NSW Fire and Rescue Crew Respond to Automotive Business Fire on Mowbray Road Lane Cove North

    At midnight on 19 March 2022, NSW Fire and Rescue received notification of a fire in an Automotive business on Mowbray Road Lane Cove North.

    Crews arrived to find significant smoke billowing from the Fremder Automotive business at 698 Mowbray Road Lane Cove North (see location below).


    As the fire was in an automotive business, which stores oil and other chemicals in the ordinary course of business, 25 fire crew were on the scene. Police and Ambulance were also in attendance. One ITC Lane Cove Chat member said he heard at least seven emergency vehicles travelling down Mowbray Road. NSW Fire and Media confirmed to ITC that no one was injured and there was no damage to any other property.

    Crews stayed on the scene until 2.00 am, when the building was handed back to the owner. NSW Fire and Rescue Media could not advise the cause of the fire.

    ITC visited the site at 11.00 am on 19 March 2022. From the front of the building, no damage was visible.

    We spoke to the owner, who advised us it was only a small fire and limited damage. He said no vehicles were damaged, and they would be open for business as usual on Monday morning.

    Picture taken 11 am 19 March 2022

    Roving Reporter Melanie took our cover photo at 12.30 am on 19 March 2022.

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