Lane Cove Council’s Neighbour Day Awards 2022

You know the song, everyone needs good neighbours. On 18 May 2022, Lane Cove Council awarded their Neighbour Day Awards. These awards recognise neighbours who make a difference in their street or Lane Cove Community.

Jackie and Dave Fredericks

Garling Street residents nominated Jackie and Dave. They always supply neighbours with produce from their Fruit and Veggie Garden and beehives. During the COVID 19 lockdown, they instigated a dawn ANZAC Day observance that has become an annual event in the street.

Jamie and Mira Hiscock

Their neighbour, a single mum, nominated Jamie and Mia. They have supported her and treated her family as part of their family. Nothing is too much trouble. Jamie plays a pivotal role in their building and is always there if it needs maintenance. He has also planted a communal garden and installed compost bins.

Lyn Nasir

Lyn has lived in Lane Cove for 32 years. She has organised a street party for the last ten years and encouraged new neighbours to attend. She is also a huge sustainability advocate and always picks up rubbish in her street.

Mark and Adele Dalton

Mark and Adele Dalton instigated their street’s Christmas Party. During the COVID19 lockdowns, they ensured their street was connected. They helped their neighbour (who was going through a hard time) renovate. Their teenage boys are always willing to assist little kids and show them how to catch the bus; they also put out garbage bins for neighbours and generally help others in the street.

Christopher Butcher

Margaret Tanner nominated Christopher Butcher for the help he gives her. He mows her lawns, puts out the garbage bins and generally keeps an eye on her and her property. Margaret is 102. Read about Margaret here – until recently, she was an active volunteer and a golfer.

Cover Photo

Our Cover Photo is Margaret Tanner and Christoper Butcher with Lane Cove Mayor Andrew Zbik.

How Do I Nominate a Neighbour for an Award?

Each year the Lane Cove Council seeks nominations for the neighbourhood awards on their website. Nominations usually close around March each year. ITC also posts on our In the Cove Facebook site and in our Week in Review when nominations open – so keep an eye out for those posts.

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