Lane Cove Mum Spreading Joy with Her Christmas Decoration Drop

A Lane Cove Mum is spreading joy to young kids with her beautifully decorated Christmas Decorations that are popping up all over Lane Cove Village.

From 1st December to Christmas Eve there will be 73 hand-painted Christmas Decorations “dropped” around the Lane Cove Village.  You will find them tied to street furniture, play equipment and other places.  Each decoration comes with a handwritten card which says, “…Elves will be leaving Christmas Decorations around the cove for you to find.”

A Lane Cove Chat by ITC follower posted the following:

Kids have been so excited to see them.  One Mum noted the following:

“We found number 4 today! My kids love it. Thank you to whoever organised this!”

What Should You Look For?

Below is a sample of the Christmas Decorations that have been hand painted.

Find Number 25

ITC has Number 25 to hide somewhere in Lane Cove in the next two weeks.  It will be hidden between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm somewhere in the Lane Cove Village and we will give you a heads up on our Facebook page.   If your child finds number 25, take a photo of it hanging up in Lane Cove Village and email us the photo at [email protected].

The person who finds number 25 will win a $20 Gelatissimo voucher!!  You also get to keep the Christmas Decoration.

Painted Art Drop

This is not the first time that a person has dropped painted objects for Lane Cove Residents to find.  In 2016 Stonebirdie was dropping hand-painted rocks around Lane Cove and encouraging people to post their finds on Instagram.   It’s been a while since Stonebirdie dropped a rock in Lane Cove.

Rock Drop

Another Lane Cove Mum told ITC about Rock Drop a few years ago.  It’s a great outdoor game to play during the school holidays.  Rock Drop is where you hunt for painted rocks in your local park or paint some and hide them for others to find and help spread some joy in your community.

There is even a Facebook Group called NSW ROCKS.  After someone has painted a rock, they post the following in the group.

***ROCK DROP*** Use this heading when posting your rock drop to the group. Include a picture, park name, suburb, location/map and a clue in your post.

Read all about Rock Drop here.

Well done to the Lane Cove Mum spreading joy around Lane Cove during the Christmas period.  Keep looking as there are more out there.

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