Want To Stick to Your Health Goals? The First Step is a Pantry Detox

For 20 years, Wendy Middleton has operated Lane Cove Catering business, A Cut Above Catering. 

Wendy is a double threat. She is a brilliant caterer, qualified nutritionist, and founder of A Cut Above Nutrition.

Wendy has always been fascinated with food’s health benefits and became a qualified nutritionist in 2016.

Wendy firmly believes that eating whole foods is the key to any health regime. However, you will struggle to stay on track unless you are organised. The first step is a pantry detox.

Here are Wendy’s tips on how to detox your pantry.

Take Everything Out of Your Pantry

By taking everything out of your pantry, you will be able to dispose of any items that are past the best-before date. This includes all herbs and spices. There’s no flavour or nutritional value left in these.

Don’t Put Back In Your Pantry Food That Tempts You

Get rid of the Chips, Tim Tams, and Chocolate bullets – foods with no nutritional value! If it’s not in the cupboard, you can’t eat it.

Tidy It Up

Clean the shelves and then think about where you’d like things to go. Wendy puts her most frequently used items at eye level. The less used items are at the top.

Baskets are handy for grouping similar items together. For example, Wendy stores her granola, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and cinnamon altogether, so it’s quick and easy to make breakfast. Wendy recommends baskets that you can see into for speedy retrieval.

Wendy decants most items into glass jars to keep them fresh and easy to see. As much as she loves beautiful storage jars, she has so many jars from catering that she recycles them. Then, all you need is a label maker.


Restock Your Pantry with Nourishing Ingredients

This will ensure you always have ingredients on hand to make a healthy meal.

You’ll find Wendy’s list of pantry essentials below. By no means is this list exhaustive. It’s simply a list of her favourites that she uses over and over.

A Cut Above Nutrition’s Pantry Essentials List


Healthy Granola

A big tip from Wendy is to make your own granola; she constantly struggles to find a granola that’s not made with inflammatory seed oils and is not overly expensive. Wendy’s recipe is quick and easy.

Follow Wendy on Instagram to see more healthy recipes.

A Cut Above Nutrition’s Healthy Granola Recipe

A Cut Above Nutrition

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A Cut Above Catering and A Cut Above Nutrition are complementary businesses. Many of Wendy’s catering clients and their guests have food intolerances. She uses her skills as a qualified nutritionist to adapt menus to accommodate guests who have special dietary requirements. Many of her menu items are gluten-free.

Wendy’s knowledge of the health benefits of food combined with her cooking skills brings her nutrition clients success in changing their diet to improve their health. She also loves to inspire others to cook.

Wendy offers online nutrition consultations. To book, go to A Cut Above Nutrition.

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A Cut Above Catering and A Cut Above Nutrition are ITC Business Supporters. ITC has known Wendy for a long time and has been at many functions she has catered. We always enjoy watching Wendy share her healthy love of food.