Lane Cove Embraces the War on Waste

lane cove war on waste

It’s official Lane Cove residents are embracing the War on Waste. Craig Reucassel’s three-part ABC series War on Waste has Lane Cove residents talking about reducing their waste. Since the last episode was aired, In the Cove has been inundated with people asking how Lane Cove can join the war on waste and reduce landfill.

That is exactly what Craig Reucassel wanted!!! Although he is better known as a member of The Chaser team, his aim was to make us think twice about what we buy, what we wear and what we throw away. It is scary to think that Australia’s mounting waste problem, is growing at double the rate of our population.

Source: ABC War on Waste
Source: ABC War on Waste

Many of you have asked ITC to approach cafes to provide a discount on BYOC (bring your own cup) or have asked ITC to approach the Lane Cove Council to become one of the first councils in Sydney to ban the single-use plastic bag.  This week The Town of East Fremantle and City of Fremantle took a step towards banning plastic bags, making it the third try for the City of Fremantle after attempts in 2012 and 2015 were halted by the former state government.

The City of Fremantle’s proposed local law bans single-use plastic bags, such as the type at supermarket check-outs, and retailers and shoppers would still be able to use biodegradable or multi-use bags. The proposed changes will be open for public comment within the next few weeks.

Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group

Here is the good news Lane Cove!!  Lane Cove is already way out in front when it comes to the War on Waste. The War on Waste is being led by the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group (LCSAG) and in fact, they have been doing this for a long time (way before The Project’s #banthebag or the War on Waste).

Responsible Cafes

Have you seen the big giant cup in Lane Cove? The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group has been promoting Responsible Cafes. The Responsible Café motto is: choose to refuse or have your coffee to stay. The people behind the Responsible Café know that Australians (and particularly Lane Cove) love their coffee. Each year over 3 billion takeaway cups and lids are never recycled. The idea of Responsible Cafes is to connect thoughtful cafes with conscious consumers through one simple idea – Offering a discount to a customer with reusable takeaway cups. 

The Lane Cove Sustainability Group has been approaching cafes in Lane Cove to sign up as a Responsible Café and they have signed up the following cafes:

Lodge Tapas
NiBu Cafe
Fourth Fish Cafe & Restaurant
Oliver Brown
Bella Bacio
Ground Café
Coves Lane Cove
La Provence
Riverview Deli
Sweet Temptation
The Junction

As more cafes in Lane Cove sign up, the 2066 cafe list will be updated on Responsible Cafes.



This week Responsible Cafes featured this post on their Facebook Page:

An unbelievable 400 cafes have signed up to offer a #BYOcoffeecup discount since the #WaronWasteAU last night on ABC TV, bringing the total to over 800 across Australia! Help us reach every cafe and coffee drinker in Oz by sharing #responsiblecafes. Then grab your cup, get your local cafe on board, and tell everyone you know.

Cafes, sign up here to get on the map, download slick materials to promote the discount, then ask takeaway customers whether they brought a cup. Let’s make disposable cups a thing of the past! #WaronWasteAU

Need a reusable keep cup?  Look out for LCSAG selling them in the Plaza.  They are also sold at Nibu Café.  One of our fabulous ITC Business Directory Supporters Joanne and the Fab Fabian Peters from Lane Cove Taekwondoalso suggest the following:

There’s also Frank Green reusable cups which the hubby and I use. They also have a chip in them so you can use it to pay wave. Nifty when you don’t have cash on you especially with a pram and baby in tow!


frank green

frank greens

They look amazing!! Do you think we should order then in ITC colours and sell them to our fab ITC followers – comment below if you are interested and we will look into it further!! The no money no wallet app is taking off in Lane Cove just look at the new Chargrill Charlie’s App.

Ban the Bag

After The Project started the #banthebag campaign, ITC was approached for details on how Lane Cove residents could get on board. Again, the LCSAG has been campaigning for this for years (with other environmental groups). On 4 June 2015, NSW Environmental groups delivered a petition to NSW State Parliament House, signed by 12,472, voters calling on the NSW Government to ban lightweight plastic bags. You can continue to support the campaign by visiting Plastic Bag Free NSW site and sign the online petition to the premier here.

Bag Swap

Reusable Bag Swap Bins have been placed around Lane Cove by the LCSAG to negate Lane Cove’s reliance on plastic bags. Plastic bags are mostly used when shopping and the bins have been placed in strategic areas to assist Lane Cove when:

  • You have forgotten to bring reusable bags to the shops;
  • Need extra bags because you have purchased more than anticipated; or
  • Left the reusable bags in your car boot (ITC is so guilty of that!!).

Locations for the BagShare Bins are as follows:


The LCSAG is also involved in:

  • Clean Up Australia Day;
  • Container Deposit System (i.e. return your cans and bottles for a 10c);
  • Plastic Free July;
  • Information Sessions and Interesting Speakers (usually at the Lane Cove Library); and
  • Sustainability Lane at the Lane Cove Village Fair.


You can read how one Lane Cove Resident Natalie Panzarino is trying to reduce her household waste here.

So why not use a Responsible Cafe or ask your Cafe to become one, use your own bags and help reduce waste – ITC is trying but we all make a slip now and again. What are you going to do?

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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