Join the Luminosity Yogathon

If you are into Yoga or just into helping others, you might be interested to hear about the upcoming yogathon being run by Luminosity, which raises money for Endometriosis Australia. The event is on Sunday the 30th of July.

ITC heard about this event from the wonderful Mitch from Yogabowl, who is taking part in the yogathon. You can view Mitch’s fundraising page here.

mitch yogabowl

Luminosity is a vibrant, fun 2 hour yogathon to raise awareness and funds into research of Endometriosis, a condition affecting 1 in 10 women in the prime of their lives… 

The session is ideal for beginners, yogis, families and anyone who wants to let their hair down and flow! It will be a lot of fun! 

Register Now! It’s simple

​1. Set up an Everyday Hero Supporter Page

2. Choose Endometriosis Australia as your chosen charity.

3. Join Team Luminosity on Everyday Hero

4. Hit your first $50 in fundraising and a login password will then be sent to you to join our Live Streamed Event (1 week prior to event)

Gather your friends and co-entrants to downward dog in the comfort of your own home, work place or community centre, on Sunday 30 July. This is truly a nationwide event!

All funds raised will go to Endometriosis Australia, a registered charity creating awareness, education & research for Endometriosis in a bright, positive and fun way.


  • 1 in 10 Women of childbearing age have ENDOMETRIOSIS
  • 176 Million Women Worldwide have ENDOMETRIOSIS
  • There is NO CURE
  • TEENAGERS are not too young to have ENDOMETRIOSIS
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS does not always cause infertiltiy
  • PERIOD PAIN is not normal
  • Getting PREGNANT does not cure ENDOMETRIOSIS
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS can only be correctly diagnosed via Surgical Intervention
  • Pain levels are not related to the extent of damage caused by the disease
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS is not an STI. You cannot catch it.


Read more about the event here.


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