Got Asthma? Your Gut Could be to Blame


Welcome back to ITC Guest Blogger Phil Wade, from Lane Cove Wellness Centre and Wades Chemist on Burns Bay Road. This time, Phil shares some news about Asthma.

Research presented at the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra, adds to a growing body of evidence that shows what you put in your mouth not only affects your waistline and heart but your lungs too.   The lead researcher was University of Newcastle’s Professor Lisa Wood.

“More and more we are learning about how our Westernised, highly processed diet is negatively impacting our health. These studies show both how diets high in fat can worsen asthma, and how – conversely – a diet high in soluble fibre can help manage it. It illustrates just how vitally important it is that Australians eat a healthily diet  and how fundamental healthy gut bacteria are to our well being,” said Professor Wood

Phillip Wade
Phillip Wade

Asthma and Gut Health

Asthma is in the news – for all the right reasons. Researchers have recently “discovered” that disturbance in your gut flora leads indirectly to this condition. I put the word discovered in inverted commas because naturopaths have been making this information available for decades on the back of original research.

Natural medicine investigators found many years ago that developing harmful gut colonies of bugs such as parasites, is not only a potential cause of asthma, but it can also lead to a disturbance in your auto-immune system that may act as a major trigger for other syndromes.

Many ill-health conditions arise as a result of “antibody attack”. That is, some part of your body may become inflamed because of a mistake in your immune system. Most, if not all of these “mistakes” occur because your digestive tract is malfunctioning.

How Can the Wellness Centre Help You?

We invite you to drop into our pharmacy clinic at 152 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove to need to be tested for “Leaky Gut”. Our Naturopath can offer you a quick urine analysis that determines the extent of this condition.

So, the job on hand is to remove potential parasites and yeast colonies that have replaced the “good” bacteria, re-establish the quality and re-growth of normal mucous membrane and then address the resultant liver and congestion. Only then can probiotic administration be effective in the long term.

Liver congestion that arises from Leaky Gut may be mistaken for other conditions, such as alcoholic cirrhosis – even though you might not even drink! The kidney congestion may be mistaken for a low-grade UTI (urinary tract infection). These conditions need to be addressed.

So how does your immune system become involved?

Simple. Your gut houses around 80% of your lymphatic system that in turn, comprises specialised white cells that produce antibodies. The whole process of partly-digested food particles, acting as “foreign bodies”, contacting your “detective” cells and being turned into the “sheriff” cells that create these antibodies, causes an inflammatory, explosive release of these antibodies and other chemicals into your bloodstream. This response causes contraction of the airway muscle that causes the wheeze.

You may be interested to note also that you can complement medical treatments with very efficient, gentle-acting herbal medicine that also addresses other underlying causes of asthma, and can have demulcent, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory actions****.

Finally, this constant contraction will inevitably require the uptake of more calcium that is transported around the body on a carrier protein that is also associated with bone growth. That is probably why the airways “calcify” with this protein. Of course, returning the gut to normal will eventually “calm down” this whole vicious cycle, along with the correct, balancing nutritional input that is so essential to get right. Ask our naturopath for detail.

****Ask our pharmacist/naturopath.

Phillip D Wade, B. Pharm., ND. D Nut, DHM, DRM, MATMS

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