Lane Cove Week in Review 28th January to 3rd February 2018

    Welcome to our first week in review of the year.  The holidays are over, the kids are back at school and the bus queues are back!!!

    Ride the Lane Cove  Ferry With the Opal Card

    The Lane Cove Ferry Service, that stops at Longueville, Northwood and Greenwich, is now taking the Opal Card.  This week the General Manager of Captain Cook Cruises was at the Longueville Wharf and ITC took the opportunity to quiz him on why the ferry did not operate on the weekend.  ITC was advised that if there was demand, Captain Cook Cruises would look into it.  Have your say here.

    Lane Cove Ferry – photo copyright Captain Cook Cruises

    Noise Complaint

    Residents who live on Burns Bay Road are not impressed with the early morning leaf blower action that is taking place at the shops near Coles.  ITC raised this issue with the Lane Cove Council who advised that they are actioning the noise complaint and will be issuing directives to all building managers in the area that leaf blowers must not be used before 7.00am.

    Extreme Heat

    We got a break from the extreme heat and high humidity in the latter part of this week.  Earlier in the week, the extreme heat took its toll on some of the local trees.

    Crime and Incident Report

    This week, several houses were broken into in Henley Street and Cullen Street Lane Cove West.  One house was extensively ransacked and damaged.

    A car was broken into in Austin Street Lane Cove last week.

    The intersection at Longueville Road, Kenneth Street and River Road West (near the Longueville Sporting Club aka the Diddy) continues to be an accident trap.  Three incidents in 2 weeks have been reported to ITC.

    Upcoming Event

    Next Friday night is the Sunset Artists’ Market in the Lane Cove Plaza.

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