Lane Cove Week in Review 24th June to 30th June

Another week of strange weather.  Perfect one hour, stormy and dark the next.  On Thursday night, Lane Cove was foggy and moody.

Our cover photo was taken by Glen Grouch.  Glen captured the storm as it rolled in over Cockatoo Island towards Greenwich.  Glen told ITC that one of his favourite places to shoot sunset photos is Mann’s Point at Greenwich.  You can view more of Glenn’s photography at

What’s in the Silver Box?

A roving reporter noticed a camera in a large silver box on Epping Road.  These silver boxes are all over Lane Cove.  They have been installed by the RTA to count traffic.

New Park for Lane Cove North

As ITC has mentioned before, you know an election is coming when the big announcements on spending start rolling out.  This week our local member Anthony Roberts announced a 1 Million contribution towards the new Mindarie Park in Lane Cove North.  The Stringybark Creek Residents Association have been fighting for more parks in the Mowbray Precinct for years.  Read More Here.


Generous Lane Cove

Thank you to all those generous Lane Cove residents who donated so many Homeless Care Packages for Sydney Homeless Connect. A big thank you to Sigal Kliger for organising this and for delivering the bags. Thank you to Brad at Go Vita Lane Cove for acting as a drop off point (if you want personal service go to Brad).

Lane Cove you never let ITC down!!!!

Crime and Incident Report

For the last month petty acts of vandalism have been taking place in Lane Cove and Greenwich.  This has reached a new low with bus shelters being vandalised.  Read More here.

A roving reporter advised there was an attempted break in at their house in Greenwich. Both locks on their back door had been tampered with and it was obvious force had been applied. Luckily the attempt was unsuccessful. The roving reporter lives in Greenwich in the same area as the Greenwich Infant School.

Mailbox theft continues to be an issue in Lane Cove. Units and townhouses in a street in Lane Cove Central Ward had their mailboxes ransacked.  If you live in an unit make sure your Body Corporate updates your mailboxes with the latest security locks.  If possible, clear you mailbox daily as this incident occurred during the night.

Last Friday at 6 am, a lane cove resident was parking her car on the Little Street Car Park lowest level (B4).  She sensed that she something was not quite right as another car followed her all the way down to B4 (when there were plenty of empty car spaces available on the upper levels).  A male driver parked his car right next to her and approached her repeatedly indicating to her to open her window. She refused to wind down the window and made it clear she would not communicate. The driver eventually left the car park. So be aware in these empty car parks if you’re alone. The police have been notified. As this car park has number plate recognition the driver will be able to be identified.

ITC launches the ITC Lane Cove Chat Room

You asked for it and we have done it. We now have a Closed Facebook Group where you can ask other Lane Cove residents questions. After hitting 1 million page views on our website, we decided it was time to expand and give our followers additional ways to connect with neighbours. You can join the group by hitting the link below – once you have joined just hit the “add” button and invite your friends who live and work in Lane Cove (we want it as local as possible).  So get chatting Lane Cove.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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