Lane Cove Lager … Coming in 2020?

    Lane Cove Lager is a possibility.

    The Lane Cove Council will turn 125 years old in 2020.  Lane Cove Council has decided to mark this significant date with some special events (one of the mooted plans is the release of a Lane Cove beer)

    Lane Cove Council Area History

    In 1865 local government extended north of the harbour when an area of the North Shore, including the present municipality of Lane Cove, was proclaimed the Borough of North Willoughby.  In 1895 the borough of Lane Cove, a municipality in its own right, was proclaimed.  This action came after lane cove ratepayers petitioned the government.

    Lane Cove Council sees 2020 as a time to celebrate 125 years – it will be the year that Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Development opens and hopefully the new 50m Outdoor pool is opened.  That is two big events.

    Lane Cove Council is investigating options to celebrate and commemorate the 125th Birthday.  Here are some of the ideas suggested by Lane Cove Council:

    • Historical and cultural tours of the local area
    • Creation of a commemorative Lane Cove beer or spirit
    • Signature events or activities which fit a theme associated with 125 years

    Lane Cove Lager

    Lane Cove Lager (that is what ITC is calling it in the interim) is a great idea considering the growth of the craft beer market.  In the 2018 Craft Beer Market Survey it was noted that on average, five out of every ten beers purchased by consumers are for previously untried beers.  This is reason why many breweries (including the big boys) have an extensive seasonal / limited release program. Think back to 2012 when the Australian beer landscape had little access to beers outside of mainstream lines.

    Lane Cove has several “beer” experts (and we don’t just mean your partner).  The guys behind Shojo Tonics are ex Lion Nathan and FMCG.  They know how to bring a product to market.  The founder of Barcats is ex Lion Nathan and has numerous contacts.  It would be great if Lane Cove tapped into those resources (did you see what we did there).  It might be that some craft breweries are owned by Lane Cove locals.

    Lane Cove Lager Charity

    An even better idea would be that a percentage of the beer sale profits is donated to Lane Cove based charities and community/sporting groups.   Every time a Lane Cove Lager is sold a local organisation might benefit. This would also encourage local organisations to stock the beer at their functions.

    What Else?

    What are some other ideas to showcase Lane Cove’s cultural identity?  ITC has always wanted Lane Cove to break a world record.  Which world record could we break?   Tell us some of your ideas.  Would you sink a Lane Cove Lager?

    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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