Lane Cove News Week in Review 7th to 13th April 2019

    A week of carpark changes, animal cruelty and the start of the school holidays

    Animal Cruelty

    An upset resident reported the following:

    “Warning ⚠️ drunks on Moore Street Lane Cove West beat my cat (Gracie) to death in the early hours of Friday morning…beside myself with grief 😢😢😢 she’s an indoor cat that slipped out last night which is rare for her. My husband wants me to share pics of what happened to her but they’re too graphic. There are monsters out there, keep your fur babies safe.”

    The owner would appreciate anyone with CCTV or dashcam or anyone who saw or heard anything to please email ITC with the information.  We will pass this information on to the owner so they can liaise with the police and the RSPCA. RSPCA inspectors investigate animal cruelty complaints against all kinds of animals in all kinds of situations.

    If you know anyone living around Moore Street Lane Cove West, please let them know about this incident as they may have some information.  RIP Gracie – our cover photo this week.

    Lane Cove Public School

    Staff and students at Lane Cove Public School had an exciting week when the team from the War on Waste filmed a segment at their school about their quest to install recycling bins at the school.  After being told by Lane Cove Council they were not responsible for supplying recycling bins to the school, the school worked out an innovative way to raise funds for recycling bins. Read our article here on their quest to raise funds by setting up their own corporation and turning t-shirts into reusable bags.  Read more here.

    The annual Easter Egg Hat Parade took place in the plaza.  This event has been a Lane Cove event for numerous years.

    Lane Cove Gift Card

    The Lane Cove Gift Card is coming. A Gift Card that you can give to someone to use only in Lane Cove at any Lane Cove Business that signs up. So you can grab a card and say to a friend/ bff/etc – here dine out in Lane Cove (so much choice now) or here grab yourself a massage in Lane Cove. The better news is that instead of just the Village it will apply to all businesses in the Lane Cove Council Area.

    The Lane Cove Gift Card is an initiative of the Lane Cove Council as part of a shop local campaign. Lane Cove Council has undertaken further research into facilitating a Lane Cove gift card in order to encourage residents and out-of-area visitors to shop in the Lane Cove. Council has been in contact with a company called Why Leave Town Promotions (WLT) which specialise in a community gift card program. Council has also sought feedback from other Councils who have used the program in order to gauge the success of the gift card scheme and the feedback was positive. The card can only be used in the Lane Cove Council Area and will not be available to be used by large ASX listed companies and theirs subsidiaries.


    • Geo-fencing per business owner site creates a “local” currency. This card can be used at any shop which signs up in the Lane Cove Council area; and
    • Three (3) year expiry.

    Shop Local as a Vibrant Lane Cove is a bloody good Lane Cove. What do you think would you use it?

    Lane Cove Council has spoken to local sporting clubs asking them to give out the cards as player rewards, it would be great if local businesses (including those located in Lane Cove West business park) gave out the cards as employee incentives. Wouldn’t if be fabulous if Lane Cove Real Estate Agency gave out the cards as a welcome to Lane Cove to new residents. What a great way of promoting spend local in Lane Cove. Local gyms give out members of the month awards – why not give out a Lane Cove Gift Card. ITC would love to promote any local business that does this.

    If you have other ideas as to how the cards could be used or promoted let ITC know. Are you onboard??

    Lane Cove Car Parking

    On Friday afternoon a new temporary car park was opened in the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park redevelopment.  Entrance is via Rosenthal Lane.  You enter on the right and exit on the right (as Rosenthal Lane is one way).  The shops and restaurants in Rosenthal Lane are a bit excited about this development.

    Souren from Birdwood Cafe cannot hide his excitement at the opening of the new carpark

    A new sign was installed at the entrance of Lane Cove Market Square Car Park.  It has a clock so you will know the exact time you enter the carpark.  ITC has also been told the cameras have been upgraded and the sign will now “accurately” reflect how many car spaces are available on each carpark level.   If you’re in the car park for over three hours and leave without paying you can pay (within a couple of days) on the site

    Lane Cove Lager

    Lane Cove Lager is a real possibility. This is an idea mooted by Lane Cove Council to celebrate Lane Cove turning 125 years old. What do you think? Read more here.


    Lane Cove Pool to be Completed by Summer 2020

    The Lane Cove 50 m Outdoor Swimming Pool could be ready for laps by summer 2020 – yippee. At the next Lane Cove Council meeting, councillors will be voting on awarding the design and construction contact to the successful tenderer.  Read more here.


    Enrol to Vote

    The Federal Election has been called for 18 May 2019. Have you recently moved to Lane Cove, become an Australian Citizen or turned 18? You only have a short time to enrol to vote before the voting rolls close. More info here

    Get those snags ready and get ready to bake for another big Election Day fundraiser. Don’t forget to tell ITC if you are having a democracy snag BBQ.


    Update on Lane Cove Dogs at the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility

    Thanks to a tip by an ITC reader ITC managed to track down someone who knows the owner of the White Lab called Cookie at Blacktown Animal Facility. The person ITC spoke to is going to do what he can to reunite the dog with its owner.  However the owner, due to personal circumstances, may not be able to keep the dog. Will keep you updated as if Cookie is not claimed by 23rd April an application can be submitted to adopt Cookie.

    The good news is that the chocolate lab was reunited with its owner this week due to an ITC follower.  The ITC follower had seen the post on ITC.  A lost pet alert was issued by the dog’s owner; however the dog was registered in South Australia.  The ITC follower contacted the owners and suggested they check to see if the dog was in the pound – she was, and the dog was reunited.  The dog had been staying with a family in Greenwich.

    Power Outage

    High winds on Thursday may have led to a power outage in Lane Cove West.  A large tree also came down on Burns Bay Road.  The lights at Centennial and Barwon Road were not working after the power was restored and created difficulties for a considerable part of the day.

    Bus Tyre Blowout

    There were long delays at the Lane Cove Interchange this week.  One reason was a bad accident on Epping Road.  Another was due to a blown tyre on a 292 Bus.  The Bus was blocking the Bus Lane.

    Upcoming Events

    Food and Wine Dinner at Little Red Robin Restaurant 

    Little Red Robin Restaurant are pleased to present Food and Wine of the Italian Coastline. A Four Course Meal with 7 (yep 7 Matching Wines). Book now (limited tickets available). You will also have a chance to meet their award winning head chef Claudio (aka Fabio) who has an impressive CV .

    Fine Dining has come to Lane Cove.  Book Here.

    School Holidays

    School Holidays are on the horizon.  What do you do with those kids during the school holidays?  Good Question and we have all the answers in our School Holiday Activities Guide.

    The big news is that Adventure Camp is now in Greenwich. Adventure Camp has had sold out camps in Mosman and Northbridge. Kids tour Cockatoo Island and solve a mystery. They then have fun in the water playing water sports and games.

    Look what else there is:

    Be Sporty

    Carlile Swimming Holiday Program
    Greenwich Sailing Club Adventure Camp
    River Road Tennis Holiday Camps
    River Road Tennis Camp 3 – 5 years Motor Skills Program
    Tennisense Holiday Tennis Camp
    Kidfit Club Netball Camp
    Little Legends Camp
    Fitness Revelation – Bring you kids to group training
    Lane Cove Taekwondo – Free trial classes
    KidsFit Club soccer Clinics

    Be Clever

    Fantasy Writing and Nature Writing Workshops
    Literacy Booster Camps with Sydney Speech Clinic
    Next Step Writing and Responding with Sydney Therapy & Co
    Posability Holiday Programs
    Parent Information Evening – Win the Homework War
    Lane Cove Bush Kids

    Be Creative

    Bop Till You Drop
    Dance Sensation Performing Arts Studio (Dance and Drama)
    Gallery Lane Cove + Creative studios holiday program
    Synergy Youth Centre Holiday program
    KidsFit Club art workshops

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