Lane Cove News Week in Review 19th to 25th May 2019

    Due to hazard reduction burning this week, smoke hovered over Lane Cove.  It did provide opportunities for a stunning photo like our cover photo taken by Roving Reporter Vanessa.

    Lane Cove Council Citizenship Awards

    This week the Lane Cove Council held their annual Lane Cove Citizenship Awards.  Congratulations to Bridget Kennedy for being named Citizen of the Year.  Read more here.

    A Neighbour Award was presented to Amanda Liddell in recognition of her actions in saving a child’s life at the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.  Read more here.

    Lane Cove Council Cracking Down on Off Leash Dogs

    Lane Cove Council Rangers have been enforcing the rule that off-leash dogs are not allowed to walk on public pathways at Blackman Park or be within 10m of playgrounds, BBQ and picnic areas.  These enforcement actions have increased since the opening of the Blackman Park Off Leash Dog Park.

    Not all dog owners are happy with this action.  Several residents spoke out against the enforcement blitz at May’s Lane Cove Council meeting.

    A petition was presented asking for dog owners to be allowed to walk  their dogs on the Blackman Park bike path.  It was argued that some dog owners find the new park too small for proper exercise and some dogs are stressed in confined spaces.

    When the dog park was being constructed residents were concerned that dogs could no longer be exercised on the lower Blackman Park Ovals.  At that time ITC was told by Lane Cove Council that dogs should be on leash when using the bike path to ensure that children are safe on bikes.  The Lane Cove Council has reiterated that dog owners are free to use the lower ovals when organised sport is not being played.

    Lane Cove Pool

    A new 50m pool is getting closer. The demolition of Lane Cove’s old 50m pool and grandstand is now complete. Council has appointed Crystal Pools to build the new 50m outdoor pool. Construction will start in mid-June and works are expected to take 12 months.  The completion date is longer than first expected.  Read more here.

    Photo Credit: Lane Cove Council

    Development Still a Hot Topic

    Interesting article in the SMH this week on the St Leonards South Precinct Plan. Developers purchased a large number of properties in Greenwich that have to be rezoned prior to development. The developers took the risk that the properties would not be redeveloped and now the developers are putting great pressure on the State and Local Government to rezone.  Read more here.

    Gunnedah Thanks Lane Cove

    The Mayor of Gunnedah has written to Lane Cove Mayor Pam Palmer, thanking Lane Cove residents, for their generosity in raising funds for drought relief.  Gunnedah is Lane Cove sister city.  Last year Lane Cove residents, businesses, sporting groups, charities, churches and Lane Cove Council raised in total $31 819.52 in ITC’s Gold for Gunnedah campaign.

    Crime Incidents

    ITC has been informed of more packages going missing from doorsteps.  Police are recommending collecting parcels as soon as possible after delivery or having them delivered to a secure location.

    Spinal Health Month

    May is Spinal Health Month.  This event raise awareness about spinal health and how poor posture can affect a person’s life. Good posture can help prevent future health problems. To celebrate spinal health month and motivate individuals to start making health and balance their top priority, Health Space Clinics Lane Cove is offering free initial Chiropractic consultations, and 20% initial Naturopathic, Clinical Nutrition, Acupuncture and Massage.

    Call them to book before the 31st May 9418 9555

    Prevention is always better than a cure.

    This week in review is sponsored by Alert Locks and Security.  Alert is an ITC Gold Sponsor.  This recommendation was posted on ITC Lane Cove Chat’s page this week.

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