Navigating Roadworks and Parking in Lane Cove

ITC thought it would be a good idea to give you an update on the traffic and parking issues in Lane Cove.

Rosenthal Avenue Roadworks

Roadworks to install The Canopy roundabout entrance, an electricity substation and footings for the Rosenthal avenue pedestrian overpass will take place for 8 weeks.

Rosenthal Avenue near Finlayson street is down to one lane.  A bypass is in place and during the week there are traffic managers to assist with traffic flow form 7am until the work is finished for the day.  The bypass started on Monday 26 August 2019.

The traffic situation is confusing and Lane Cove Council has not updated its website or facebook page to advise residents of the traffic management plans for Rosenthal Avenue.  As far as ITC can ascertain an email was not sent out to residents advising them of the traffic changes.   As ADCO is not undertaking the traffic management, their construction notices did not set include the bypass route.

Coxs Lane/Birdwood Avenue Bypass

To lesson traffic on Rosenthal Avenue drivers are being instructed to bypass the one lane section of Rosenthal Avenue. 
During construction hours if you are coming from:
  • Longueville Road, past the Alcott, turn right at Birdwood Avenue, proceed along Birdwood Avenue, until you reach the intersection of Coxs Lane and Birdwood Avenue, turn left into Coxs Lane (if you are heading towards Lane Cove West);
  • Burns Bay Road turn left at the Tambourine Bay Road roundabout (near Bliss Early Learning Centre).  You are on Sutherland Street for 50 metres and then turn into Coxs Lane, proceed along Coxs Lane and turn right into Birdwood Avenue (if you are wanting to access Longueville Road).  Turn Left from Birdwood Avenue into Rosenthal Avenue and proceed past the Alcott.

Only buses and heavy vehicles are permitted to access the one lane section of Rosenthal Avenue.


Cox’s Lane

During the 8 weeks construction period, there will be no parking in Coxs Lane between 6 am and 6 pm.  If you park in Coxs Lane during this time you will be fined.  Coxs Lane is very narrow and with on street car parking it’s like travelling along one lane.  There was chaos on the first day as residents had not been informed that Coxs Lane was to be a no parking area during the construction.

Take an Alternative Route

If you need to access the Coles and Lane Cove Market Square Car parks – you can access them by turning into Tambourine Bay Road and then turning into Sera Street.

If you’re heading to Lane Cove West from the Pacific Highway or Gore Hill continue along Epping Road and turn into Centennial Avenue.

Temporary Traffic Lights

At night and on the weekends you should continue to use the Coxs Lane bypass.  The one lane section of Rosenthal Avenue flow is controlled by temporary traffic lights.   There have been reports that people have ignored the traffic lights.  ITC understands that for safety reasons, Police Highway Patrol have been notified and asked to fine drivers running the red light.  The lights have the following timings:

Green 10 Seconds
Amber 4 Seconds
Red 15 Seconds

You cannot access Rosenthal Avenue via Finlayson Street.

Lane Cove Market Square Car Park

In November 2018, new exit arrangements were introduced at Lane Cove Market Square.You can park in the Lane Cove Market Square carpark  for 3 hours free.  Once you exceed 3 hours you will be charged.  The 3 hours is calculated by number plate recognition from the time you enter the car park to the time you leave the car park.  Always allow time to exit the car park.  Delays leaving the car park occur when the Trolley Tractor is parked in front of your car or someone is blocking you from leaving your spot as they are waiting for another driver to vacate their car spot.

The free 3 hour parking is per visit, not per day. If the car re-enters within 1 hour (60 minutes) of exiting, time will accumulate.  If the car re-enters more than 1 hour after the car last exited it will be classified as a separate visit period and you qualify for another 3 hour free period.

If you drive into the car park after 6pm, parking is free.   However if you enter at 5.55 pm (or any other time close to 6 pm) and stay more than three hours you will be charged for parking.

When the new exits were introduced, the Lane Cove Council implemented a warning letter system for drivers who had exceeded the 3 hour free limit and had no paid. The Lane Cove Council is now issuing fines for anyone who parks for over three hours and does not pay.

How Do I Know I Have Parked for Over Three Hours?

Good question!!  A clock has been installed at the entry, but it is easy to forget what time you entered the carpark.  You have two options to check how long you have been parked.
  1. Put your number plate into the pay machine on Levels P1 and P2 and the screen will tell you if you need to pay.  Level P3 does not have a pay machine;
  2. If you have forgotten to check at a pay machine or you are on P3, then always exit via the orange lane.  If you slowly approach the yellow payment box located at the exit and stop right next to the box a sign will advise you if you are required to pay.  Approach the exit lane like there is a virtual boomgate.  If you drive too fast you may not see the sign telling you to pay.


Pay Station l

I Have Forgotten To Pay or Can’t Pay

If for some reason you cannot pay on the day you stay over three hours, you have three days to pay for parking online at  
There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to pay on the day, you forgot your wallet, your credit card is not being recognised by the tap and go or you no longer use credit card and use a system like Apple Pay.  You cannot use Apple Pay to pay for parking at Lane Cove Market Square.
If you don’t pay online you will be fined.  It is a monetary fine only and no loss of points.


Which Lane Should I use to exit?

Express Lane – under three hours or already paid at a pay machine (the green lane)

Pay Lane – stayed three hours or more and forgot to pay at a pay machine or think you are close to the three hour period (the orange lane).   A good practice is to always exit via the Orange Lane if you think you have exceed the 3 hour free period.  

What are the parking fees?

0 – 3  Hours or after 6pm FREE

3 – 4 Hours of part thereof $7.00

4 – 5 Hours or part thereof $17.00

5 – 6  Hours of part there of $24.00

Over 6 hours, multiple entries per day $45

Pay Station at Exit

What about the car parking spaces after the exit point?

If you find a spot after the carpark exit point, you must still pay if you exceed 3 hours.  This is a Lane Cove Council carpark and the tyres can be marked by rangers to record time (the old fashioned method).  Eventually these spots will be monitored by cameras as well.

Helpful Tips

  • After you park. take a screenshot of your phone home page (bearing in mind that that this is not entirely accurate as time starts ticking as soon as you enter the carpark).  However will have an idea of the time you entered the carpark;
  • Set the alarm on your phone for 15 minutes before the 3 hour free time limit applies;
  • Check the duration of stay at pay machines on P1 and P2 before you exit the Lane Cove Market Square lift foyer;
  • Delays in exiting are more likely during peak times (morning and afternoon school drop-offs). It is recommended that you leave sufficient time to exit the car park at these times.
  • If you are visiting the village at night and park in the car park you will have to pay if you stay longer than 3 hours if you enter the car park before 6.00 pm
  • Always exit via the orange pay lane if you think you are close to the 3 hour free period (particularly when a delay in exiting occurs). You can check on the pay machine if you have to pay.

Little Street Car Park

The Little Street Car Park is located near the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.  After you have parked and are leaving the car park building,  there is easy access to Longueville Road (just cross Pottery Lane and use the lift located in 102 – 104 Longueville Road).  So no walking up hills.  Below is a photo of the Little Street Car Park at 1.00 pm on the Saturday before Father’s Day.  The Lane Cove Market Square car park was full, however the Little Street Car Park was nearly empty.  If you are doing a major grocery shop, this car park is not that convenient.  However, how often do you go to Lane Cove and just do a few small tasks.

Seniors’ Parking Permits – Don’t Get Caught Out

To park in a Senior’s Car Space the driver must be 67 and older.  The senior must have a permit issued by Lane Cove Council to park in Senior’s Car Space. People with a Disability Parking Permit are NOT to park in these spots unless they have a Senior’s parking permit.
Below is an extract from the Lane Cove Council website.
“Lane Cove Council has provided a number of designated ‘Seniors’ parking spaces in Council’s car parks. To use these spaces, you must be a Lane Cove resident, at least 67 years of age and hold a current drivers licence.
Residents applying for a Seniors’ Parking Permit must complete a Seniors’ Parking Permit Application Form and bring this along with their drivers licence to Council for sighting by our Customer Service Staff OR send the completed Seniors Parking Permit Application form together with a photocopy of their drivers licence to Council.
Upon receipt of the Application Form and sighting of the drivers licence, Council will issue a Seniors Parking Permit to the address stated on the application form. There is no charge for this permit.
The permits are valid ONLY in marked “Seniors Parking” car spaces within Lane Cove Council car parks. These permits are not valid for parking in “Disabled” car spaces. The Conditions of the Seniors Parking Permit Scheme are provided in the Parking Permits Procedure document.
Please display your Seniors’ Parking Permit on the passenger side of the windscreen each and every time you park in a Seniors Parking Space.
Fines apply when permit is not displayed.”
A reminder a permit is only  valid for a 2 year period of time.
Lane Cove Cancel rangers check the validity date and you might be fined if you have not applied for a new permit. 

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