Lane Cove It’s Going to Heat Up – Let’s Talk about Trapped Roof Heat

ITC does not cope with heat well and we are sure we are not alone. Summer is coming and how do you get rid of that trapped roof heat? We asked Xchange Air to tell us how to deal with trapped roof heat.  Take it away Xchange Air

People often ask us if we sell and install roof whirlybirds. The answer is always a resounding no. But let’s discuss why we say no.

Trust us when we say that roof Whirlybirds are NOT the answer to trapped roof heat.

In Australia’s hot Summer months, heat can build up in your home and within the roof space. It can get up to over 50 degrees Celsius and the hot air can get trapped within your home.

Removing the trapped heat from your roof is a simple way to cool your home and improve the performance of your air conditioning.

A few whirlybirds physically cannot move enough air and they don’t work effectively on hot still days! Let’s not forget that during winter they remove the hot air from your home when it is needed there most!

To help make your air conditioning system more efficient and cost effective a quality mechanical roof heat extraction system is the answer.

Xchange Air has a range of mechanical (thermostat driven) solutions for removing trapped roof/attic heat from rooms.


Everyone knows the basic physics that hot air rises. And that means that in summer, all that hot air can get stuck in your roof, turning your house into an oven. With Xchange Air’s roof ventilator system, a thermostat is used to pump out hot air from both the house and the roof cavity once it reaches a certain temperature (so not only can you release the air in summer, but in winter you can keep that blanket of warm air inside the home). Book a free home assessment to find out more.


In summer, once the sun goes down, it can be cooler outside than  inside your home. But unless that blessed southerly change comes through to blow out all the hot air, it can be hard to get the temperature down inside. That’s where  Xchange Air’s summer ventilation mode can help. The system draws in cooler evening air, filters and purifies it, and then pumps it into the hot rooms of your home overnight. It’s energy efficient and quiet passive cooling so you can sleep easy. Contact us for a home assessment to find out how this can help your home.

Call us on 9427 8800 to organise your free home assessment (Sydney Metro) and let us help you stay cooler this summer!

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