The Lane Cove Sign Bomber

    If you drive along Epping Road between Centennial Avenue and Longueville Road you will see a new addition to the landscape.

    A Lane Cove resident has spelt out Lane Cove with signs.  Here is the story behind the signs.

    A Lane Cove local was aware of In the Cove’s plans to bring back the Azaleas along Epping Road.  ITC presented the Lane Cove Council with a petition and they agreed to reinstate the Azaleas along Epping Road.  However, due to the road being widened the flower beds were narrower and the Lane Cove Council said they could not recreate the old Lane Cove floral display (pictured below).

    Residents were disappointed that the sign would not be reinstated. Our Sign bomber, inspired by The Yarn Bomber and The Mystery Gardner, decided to do something about this.

    Planning started months ago.  Our sign bomber was inspired by the beach sheds in Brighton Victoria.  Our sign bomber wanted to spread some joy to Lane Cove locals.
    The sign bomber hopes the signs inspire Lane Cove Council to feature a permanent display.
    Bravo Lane Cove Sign bomber residents love your work.

    No more FOMO – be a Lane Cove Legend