Lane Cove Tips on Buying Local or Local Goes Bye Bye

    In the Cove has always been a passionate supporter of buying local and supporting local.  You should see ITC’s credit card, jam-packed with local purchases (probably more than Mr ITC would like).

    Now more than ever it is important to shop local and support local. 

    As everyone is self-isolating or social distancing, these businesses are seeing less foot traffic than normal.

    Our local independent businesses are mainly owned by Lane Cove locals and they employ locals.  If we don’t support them now we will have a ghost town and a vibrant Lane Cove is a good Lane Cove

    It’s important to stay healthy.  According to advice from the Federal and State Government, it is important to practice good hygiene and social distancing.  Below are a few ways you can practice these and still support our local businesses during this time.

    Pick Up Orders/Order Online from Local Businesses

    Use food ordering apps like Uber Eats and Menulog to order from local businesses. Restaurants and Cafes have very strict food safety laws they need to uphold, and most businesses are even stepping those up at this time.  Many businesses have hand sanitiser available for you to use.

    If you still want your coffee, order ahead with an App like Hey You app.  Then all you have to do is pick up your coffee from the counter.  Local businesses that use Hey You include Jack and Co Northwood, Ground Caffe, The Junction Coffee Co, Story and Bella Bacio in Lane Cove North.

    Chargrill Charlies have now introduced a new Grab and Go system. All you need to do is order online via their app and then just turn up and say your name and collect at the front counter. No need to handle money and you don’t need to enter the store. Do not order between 2.30 pm and 4.00pm as they are closed for sanitising.

    Download the app by searching for Chargrill Charlies on iTunes or google play.

    Jack and Co are using Deliveroo to deliver milk and bread and also bakery items and pie and sausage rolls.

    Bakers Delight Lane Cove uses Uber Eats – so you can order bread online and have it delivered.

    Order Online with a Local Business That Delivers

    Many of our local independent retailers are delivering.  We have put together a list here.  Heck, you can even grab some wine and beer from Porters Northwood.  They deliver one bottle or as much as you need (while drinking in moderation of course).  If you know someone who is self-isolating, send them a bottle of their fav tipple to cheer them up – Porters will deliver.

    Many of our local gift shops have an online store – so go online and keep ordering those birthday presents.  Check out the local businesses in our online directory – the websites are included for many local businesses and you can click through.

    If a business does not have an online store, many of them are happy for you to order over the phone.  Contact details are in our local directory.

    Keep Paying for Classes

    Many of the local businesses that run classes for kids and adults operate on small margins.  Continue to pay for classes and make them up later.  If you stop paying they will close down and you will not have local activities available to you.

    Buy gift certificates to use later

    Buying Gift Certificates not only helps stimulate local business now but then once you feel comfortable, you can then go treat yourself to your favourite thing from that business because you have a gift certificate handy.  Better still you have already purchased an Easter Gift or Mother’s Day Gift.  Why not buy from a local hairdresser, massage business or beautician?

    Take this time to make some home improvements

    Does your garden need some attention? Maybe you have a hedge that needs some grooming or a garden bed that needs sprucing up? Hedge Trim Mow is a local gardening business that is happy to help you during this time. All can be arranged via phone.

    Maybe you need your gutters repaired, house painted, or that pesky tap fixed? We have a whole list of tradesman in our Tradie Guide here.

    Engage a Local Mortgage Broker

    Leanne from Mortgage Choice wanted to let the community know that she is able to assist without having to meet face to face, using other technology options.

    She is an experienced, local business owner who has an office in The Village (opposite Coles) however can also operate remotely & will continue to be available to assist in these unsettling times

    Keep Following Your Local Businesses on Social Media

    Like, comment and share info on your local business on social media. This is a simple thing that  doesn’t cost you a cent. When you shop local, get home deliveries or order online share your purchases on your Instagram or Facebook feed.

    Home Style Meals

    Local Caterer Bern the Chef works from a commercial kitchen and she is now delivering home-cooked meals.  She has advised as follows:

    There’s a menu coming, it will change weekly, and there will be some dishes that folks dream about.
    Beek Cheeks in Stout, Lancashire Pie, Persian Chicken with Almonds & Rosewater, Golden Syrup Dumplings, Poached Quince, Nutmeg Roast Pudding, and more.
    At this stage, a delivery service will run in the local area on Thursday afternoons or pick up from the kitchen (non exposed/non-quarantined only) on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays.
    I’ll take orders here, and via email [email protected]


    Pay by Credit Card

    If you pay by credit card then you are tapping on the credit card machine and limiting contact with staff.

    Make Someone’s Day Send Flowers

    Do you know someone who is self-isolating?  Make their day and send them flowers from our local florists.  You can order online or over the phone.

    Don’t Assume a Local Business is Closed

    Until you are told otherwise, assume your local store/restaurant/café is open and support them.

    Tips on How to Survive Self Isolation

    If you are self-isolated (for example you have returned from OS).  We have put together a list of businesses who can deliver to your door.  Read more here.  This includes essential services like hearing aid repair and glasses repair and ordering new ones.

    NSW Health Dept Supports  Shopping Local

    See below from the NSW Health Department.

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