Lane Cove Covid 19 Update 19 March 2020

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New limit on medications

Pharmacists will be instructed to only dispense a month of prescription medication in a bid to stop hoarding of drugs.  The following will be implemented;

  • Ventolin puffers will be limited to one per customer.
  • Paracetamol will be limited to one per customer.
  • Children’s paracetamol will be behind the counter.

NSW Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant warned people that Panadol can only be used to help relieve COVID-19 symptoms and not as a treatment.

Supermarkets Asking People to Stop Panic Buying

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci said they do not have a supply issue.  Eighty-five per cent of the food products we sell are either grown or manufactured in Australia.  There is no need to stock up and panic buy.

Lane Cove Council had advised local supermarkets that they are not enforcing restrictions on delivery times to assist supply.

Support Local

Local butchers and greengrocers have supplies.  This photo below was taken at Figtree Grocers Lane Cove West today.  In addition to fruit and vegetables, they also have eggs, pasta and deli products.

In these difficult times please support local shops – here are some ideas on how you can continue to support local.

Go Vita Lane Cove also has soy milk and free-range eggs.


With pasta flying off the shelves in supermarkets in Sydney, Lane Cove’s  Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa is here to help. See more info here.

Fresh gluten free pasta is available for purchase THIS Saturday 21 March.

On the menu this week will be plain fettuccine at 250g for $10. This serves two people. Plain silky strands handcrafted to perfection.

Simply cook for three minutes and add your favourite pasta sauce to finish. Local complimentary delivery only.

To ensure the safety and health of ourselves and customers, there will be no face-to-face contact. All orders will be left at the front door. Money must be transferred prior to delivery via bank transfer. If you have any further questions and orders, please private message via FB or email at [email protected]

Travel Ban

The Prime Minister announced today a travel ban will be placed on all non-residents and non-citizens coming to Australia. The ban will be effective from 9pm on Friday 20th March 2020.  This ban was put in place as 80 per cent of the cases in Australia are either the result of someone who has contracted the virus overseas or someone who has had direct contact with someone who has returned from overseas.


Lane Cove Library – Limiting Numbers to 100

Due to the recent escalation of Coronavirus COVID-19 and based on the direction from the Prime Minister this morning, Council has limited capacity to 100 people in Lane Cove Library.

This means Library staff will restrict entry into the Library to ensure there are no more than 100 people, including staff, in the Library at the same time.

Lane Cove Council knows that users of Lane Cove Library will be impacted, particularly at peak times, such as immediately after school. They, therefore, ask that parents not send primary school-aged children to the Library unattended as the Library may already be at capacity. The health and safety of the local community is the Council’s priority.

Lane Cove Council and Lane Cove Library Events Cancelled

  • All events at Lane Cove and Greenwich libraries from Tuesday 17 March. Where possible events will be rescheduled at a later date. Lane Cove and Greenwich Libraries remain open.
  • All Storytime sessions at Lane Cove and Greenwich Libraries from Tuesday 17 March until further notice, including: Storytime at Greenwich Library – Mondays 11.00am, Toddler Time @ Lane Cove Library – Tuesdays 11.00am, Baby Bounce @ Lane Cove Library – Wednesdays 11:00am and Storytime @ Lane Cove Library – Thursdays 11.00am.
  • Kaleidoscope of Lane Cove in the Plaza, Friday 20 March
  • Lane Cove Bushkids, Beetles, 20 March
  • Financing the Future, Saturday 21 March
  • NBN Access Network Community Forum, Tuesday 24 March
  • How To Have Conversations With Your Teen, Thursday 26 March
  • Green Cleaning, Saturday 28 March
  • Car seat Safety checks 28 March
  • Lane Cove Bushkids Noisy by Nature, 31 March.
  • Recycling Champions, Saturday 4 April
  • Lane Cove Bushkids, Water Bug Blitz, Saturday 4 April
  • ShineHub, Wednesday 29 April

LCM Mowbray and Anglican Churches Have Suspended Services and Playgroup

The Anglican Minister at Lane Cove and Mowbray Anglican Churches advised the following:

“We have taken the extraordinary step in this extraordinary time to close our public gatherings for the foreseeable future. This includes our toddlers “Junior Jivers”, Everyday English Classes, all Youth events and all Sunday Services.”

St Michaels Church

St Michaels Church has suspended weekend services as attendances are over 100 people.  Weekday services are still being held and there is plenty of room for social distancing.

St Aidan’s Longueville

As of this week, services have been suspended.

Please check with your local church to see if they are still holding services.

Beware if You are Travelling to Tasmania – New Quarantine Rules Apply

The Tasmanian Premier has announced from Friday a 14-day quarantine for all interstate travellers.

The laws also apply to Tasmanians returning home.

Anyone who breaches the isolation laws will face a fine or six months in prison.

How to Help Your Neighbours

Sydney Community Services (9427 6425) is a central source for anyone in Lane Cove or Hunters Hill who either need to self-isolate or choose to not go outside as they worry they are at risk of the Corona Virus.

If you are a neighbour of someone who may be at risk please check they are ok and let Sydney Community Services know if they need to be on the vulnerable list.

They are putting together a database of people who are in isolation but they also need volunteers who are able to help others who need emergency supplies, or even just give social contact, through a phone link.

They will take any referrals by phone on 9427 6425. In the meantime email [email protected] with your details.

If you are self-isolated or are having trouble obtaining goods etc please email ITC at [email protected] and we will try and find someone in your street or neighbourhood that can help.  In these times it is important to ensure the person volunteering has a connection close to you and they are reliable and trusted.  Already volunteering scams are being reported.

Tips on How to Survive Self Isolation

If you are self-isolated (for example you have returned from OS).  We have put together a list of businesses who can deliver to your door.  Read more here.

Covid 19 Stats from NSW Health

As at 11 am today, an additional 40 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, since NSW Health’s last update at 11 am, March 18, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in NSW to 307.

Confirmed cases (incl. interstate residents in NSW health care facilities) 307
Cases tested and excluded 38,782
Total 39,089


Of the confirmed cases, approximately 5 people are currently in our Intensive Care Units. The majority of cases have mild disease and are in isolation at home.

A confirmed case attended the Rugby Australia Australian Club Championship post-match function, following a game between Sydney University and the University of Queensland Rugby Clubs. This function was held at the Sydney University Football Ground Function Room on Saturday 14 March starting at 7:30pm and finishing at 10:30pm. Those who attended the function are considered close contacts, and are required to home isolate until midnight Saturday 28 March.

By likely source of infection


Source No
Overseas acquired 129
Epi link (contact of confirmed case) 59
Under investigation 73
Unknown 46
Total 307


Cases by Sex and Age Group

Age group Female Male Total
10-19 5 6 11
20-29 24 18 42
30-39 43 36 79
40-49 22 35 57
50-59 22 28 50
60-69 19 28 47
70-79 5 6 11
80-89 3 3 6
90-100 4 0 4
Total 147 160 307


Closest Covid 19 Testing Clinic

There is a Covid 19 Testing Clinic at Royal North Shore. These clinics are currently assisting with the assessment and testing of people with fever, cough or flu-like symptoms who are returned travellers or a contact of a confirmed case.

NSW Health has stressed these clinics are for those most at risk with respiratory symptoms or fever, those returning from overseas or in contact with a COVID-19 case, or people like health workers. People without symptoms do not need to be tested.

It is vital that these respiratory clinics are not overwhelmed with people who are not in the high risk groups, which could result in delays identifying those most vulnerable.

NSW Department of Health Advice on Social Distancing

Everyone should practise social distancing, as it reduces the potential for transmission.

Social distancing is an effective measure to reduce the potential for transmission, but it is recognised that it cannot be practised in all situations.

While practising social distancing, people can travel to work,including on public transport. For non-essential activities outside the workplace or attendance at schools, universities and childcare – social distancing includes:

  • avoiding crowds and mass gatherings where it is difficult to keep the appropriate distance away from others
  • avoiding small gatherings in enclosed spaces, for example, family celebrations
  • attempting to keep a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and other people where possible, for example when they are out and about in public place.
  • avoiding shaking hands, hugging, or kissing other people
  • avoiding visiting vulnerable people, such as those in aged care facilities or hospitals, infants, or people with compromised immune systems due to illness or medical treatment.

Tips on How to Survive Self Isolation

If you are self-isolated (for example you have returned from OS).  We have put together a list of businesses who can deliver to your door.  Read more here.

Food Delivery Essentials and Prepared Meals

Vanilla Blue Catering has launched Vanilla Blue @Home and they are delivering food boxes and ready-made meals to your door – no more trips to the supermarket needed!  They are located in Artarmon.  One of their senior managers lives in Longueville and they proudly employ some Lane Cove locals.

Grocery Essentials – Fridge, Pantry, Veggie & Fruit boxes
Chef Made Meals – 30 choices, just heat and eat

Order online…

They will even through in 4 FREE rolls TOILET PAPER with orders over $200!

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