Lane Cove News Week in Review 1 Jan to 12 Jan 2022

Welcome to our first week in review for 2022. This is a bumper edition as we are covering events from 1 January to 12 January 2022.

Lane Cove Has a New Mayor and Deputy Mayor

At the Lane Cove Council Meeting held on 10 January 2021, via zoom, Councillor Andrew Zbik was elected Mayor, and Councillor Bridget Kennedy was elected Deputy Mayor. Read More Here

Mishap at The Canopy

This week an over height vehicle tried to enter The Canopy car park, which resulted in the decorative panelling on The Canopy’s roof becoming dislodged.   Cars were allowed to leave the car park. However, rangers stopped vehicles from entering while the large decorative piece was removed.

A few hours later, a roving reporter snapped a photo of a van with pipes on top getting stuck and again had to be removed with the help of rangers.

Power Outages In Lane Cove North

During the week, there were significant power outages two days in a row in Lane Cove North; ITC contacted Ausgrid to request some information on what caused the power outages. A spokesperson for Ausgrid told us:

“Both outages were caused by damage from fallen tree branches due to the high winds over the last two days. The damage has not been fixed as yet, but the power supply has been diverted from another station with capacity.”

Nominations are Now Open for Lane Cove Citizenship Awards

​Since 1992, Lane Cove Council has presented the Lane Cove Citizenship Awards to acknowledge the contributions made by high achievers in the local community. Awards are presented in the year following the nomination and/or achievement.

Is there someone talented, community-centric or making a positive difference in Lane Cove?

It’s time to nominate members of the community who you think are worthy of an Award which will be presented in May 2022.

You can find out more about the categories for nomination by downloading our Information Sheet. As part of the nomination process, we ask you to provide your details, some background information on your nominee, and two referees. Once you have this information ready, we encourage you to complete the Nomination Form online or by using the downloadable form below.

Nominations close Wednesday 2 March 2022.

Business Alert – Goodwill Shop Closes

The Goodwill Shop on Longueville Road has closed. This is a shame as it employed four people and had five regular volunteers. It was also a place where people could wander in and chat or get a stat dec witnessed on certain days. From what we can gather, relocating to other premises in Lane Cove is doubtful.

In 2013 the shop was called After a Fashion Recycled Clothing Store, and Presbyterian Social Services supported it. It closed in 2013, and then a few weeks later, The Goodwill Shop moved in.


Update on Buses Servicing Lane Cove

Busways is now the operator of all buses allocated to the Ryde and Willougby Bus Depots; these buses service the Region 7 area. Previously the buses were operated by Transport for NSW. The State Government has maintained ownership of the buses and depots. However, Busways provides the drivers and will maintain the buses. Read more here.

This week we have been advised that some buses are full due to people going back to work. However, this is not due to any operational changes. Transport NSW announced that all buses will be operating on a Saturday timetable until further notice, and trains will have modified weekend timetables due to COVID19 staff shortages. More info –…/covid-19-safer-travel-guidance.

Update on the Artarmon “Tip”

The Suez Artarmon Recovery site in Artarmon was purchased by Cleanaway just before Christmas – and was closed for a period.  The facility reopened on 30 December 2021.  A spokesperson for Cleanaway told ITC the following:

“The sites will be open from 30 December 2021 for hand unloads. The sites were closed for the purposes of public safety due to high volumes received and that may occur from time to time in the future to maintain safe operations.

The prices are displayed on site:

For Artarmon:

Will be able to drop off cardboard free of charge, note that loads containing over 25% by volume of polystyrene are charged at 1850/T

For loads under 500kg there is a minimum charge of $82, then its $472/T for putrescible waste and $456/T for Dry Material.

For Ryde:

Again note that loads containing over 25% by volume of polystyrene are charged at 1850/T

For loads under 500kg Minimum charge of $78 for waste and $60 for garden organics.  Then it’s $456/T for putrescible, $420/T for dry material and $280/T for garden organics.”

Update on Community Recycling Centre Artarmon

We know that many of you are using the Christmas/New Year/School Holidays break to declutter and put new computer equipment for the new year.

The Community Recycling Centre has put a temporary halt to e-waste pick up. The following was on the website:

“The Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre is temporarily unable to accept e-waste because of the high demand over the Christmas period, which has filled all the available cages. Arrangements are being made for a collection in the near future.”

They are still accepting other hard to get rid of waste such as paints etc. – find out more here

Arnies Recon. – a private operator will pick up your e-waste and anything with a cord.

Details here

There is also a drop off bin in Woolies (see below), but it is limited to small items (modems etc.


Update on Local Supermarket Supply Issues

Coles have introduced restrictions, including limits on toilet paper and pain relievers (such as Nurofen/panadol) due to COVID19 staff and distribution issues.

The following product limits are being applied nationally:

Product QTY
Select medicinal items (paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin) 2 units per customer
Toilet paper 1 unit per customer

The following product limits are being applied in all states excluding WA.

Product QTY
Chicken breasts 2 packs from the Meat Department or

6 fillets from the Deli Department

Chicken thighs 2 packs from the Meat Department or

6 fillets from the Deli Department

Mince 2 packs
Sausages 2 packs


Coles Lane Cove has been a regular Rapid Antigen Testing kits (RATS) supplier. Our cover photo is the sign Coles Lane Cove displays when they are out of RATS. When Hough Covid-19 tests kits are in stock in our stores or online, a limit of 1 pack per customer applies

This week, Coles has shortened their trading hours. They open at 7 am and close at 10 pm.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Have you come back from the holidays and found that your beautiful fresh Christmas Tree is now brown and dried? There are a couple of options for disposing of your tree.

Read our article here on how to dispose of your tree:

Make sure you don’t leave it on the verge near your driveway (as it will stay there) or put it in your green bin like below as it will not be emptied as part of a green waste pick up.


General COVID19 Update as of 12 January 2022

Today, NSW Health reported the deaths of 21 people with COVID-19; 17 men and four women.

Seven of these deaths have been included following the conclusion of coronial investigations – four since 23 December 2021, one from September 2021 and two from October 2021.

One person was aged in their 30s, one person was aged in their 40s, two people were aged in their 50s, four people were aged in their 60s, six people were aged in their 70s, four people were aged in their 80s, two people were aged in their 90s, and one person was aged 100+.

Of the 21 people who died, 12 were vaccinated, eight were not vaccinated, and one person had received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Mandatory Notification of COVID19 Positive RAT tests.

From today anyone who tests positive to COVID19 on a Rapid Antigen Testi kit (RATS) must register their result with Service NSW or face a $1000 fine.   If you tested positive between the period 1 January to 11 January, the NSW government is encouraging you to register positive your RATS test.

The positive test can be registered in three ways:

  • Via the Service NSW app (the same app you use to scan a QR code)
  • Via the Service NSW website – click here to register
  • Call Service NSW on 13 77 88

You do not need to register if you’ve had:

  • a negative or invalid rapid antigen test result
  • a positive PCR test in the 28 days before your positive rapid antigen test.

Note: If you develop severe chest pain, fainting episodes or severe difficulty breathing, call Triple Zero (000) straight away and tell the ambulance staff that you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

PCR Tests

It appears that the number of people presenting for PCR tests has increased again. There were 134,411 COVID-19 tests reported to 8 pm 11 January, compared with the previous day’s total of 71,325.

Latest Update from Northern Sydney Local Health District. A spokesperson from NSLHD told ITC the following:

“Royal North Shore Hospital COVID-19 testing clinic has reopened between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

People presenting to the clinic will be assessed by nursing staff and may be provided with either a PCR test or Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) as appropriate.

If you are given a RAT, you should complete it at home.

If the RAT test returns a positive result – register your results with Services NSW) and follow this advice:

If you receive a positive PCR result, you should follow this advice:”

Queues are much shorter, and results are coming back quicker from most testing centres.

Histopath Millers Point and Killara have the quickest turnaround time. Killara has a special kid’s line.

4 Cyte at North Ryde are back to their usual quick turnaround – we had numerous readers tell us that they tested in the morning and had their results back by the late afternoon or early evening.

Laverty at North Ryde and Willoughby are coming back within 24 – 28 hours. However, Willoughby closed early yesterday at 11.00 am.

Although Ryde Respiratory has less queuing time, as you must make an appointment, their turnaround time is much slower. For details on opening times, locations etc. – read our article here

RATs Test

Finding RATS in Lane Cove has been difficult. Lane Cove Advantage Pharmacy and Chemist Warehouse both had some this week (but sold out quickly).

An online tool called Find a Rat will help you find them in other suburbs, but Lane Cove information is a bit sparse. Read our article here on online tools to help you

Booster Jabs

You can now get your booster jab four months since your second jab. It is difficult to get a local appointment for Booster Jabs. If you are prepared to keep checking the booking websites during the day, you may be able to find a cancelled appointment at a local pharmacy or RNSH. Sonic Healthcare in the city has appointments for adults only.

The best bet is Homebush, and people have been booking their appointments on the day or the day before. Do not turn up early; this will not help you as you are only allowed in the queues for your appointment time. Also, if you want to book for your kids (including 5 to 11), go to the Homebush Health Hub tent, and they can find appointments that are not online for the next day or coming week. More info on Boosters Here

5 to 11 Vaccination

It isn’t easy to find a local appointment. We have put together some hints here.

Register To Play Sport in Lane Cove in 2022

Registration is now open for players to join Lane Cove Netball Club for the 2022 Winter Netball Competition.   Players are welcome from all schools.

NetSetGO is for female AND male players aged 7 to 9 years as of 31 December of the playing year.

Juniors Netball is for female AND male players aged 10 to 17 years as of 31 December of the playing year.

Opens (Seniors) Netball is for female players aged 17 years+ as of 31 December of the playing year.

Details here.

Police, Incident and Accident Report

Attempted Break-In Yallambee Road Riverview

At about 8.15 pm on Friday 7 January 2022, officers attached to North Shore Police Area Command were called to a home on Yallambee Road, Riverview, following reports of an attempted break and enter.

Police have been told two men attempted to enter the property through the back door but were disturbed by the occupants.

Break-In Osborne Park

An Osborne Park house was broken into in the early hours of 7 January 2022. The thieves managed to access the property via an unlocked window. They rifled through the owner’s handbag, took her wallet, and stole the homeowner’s car.

The theft was reported to the police, and they attended and took fingerprints (see below).

They have CCTV footage of the people who stole the car as they pulled into a McDonalds and enjoyed $32 dollars worth of Maccas. They had previously tried to break into a house in Greenwich.

Make sure you lock your windows and doors. Tips on stopping your car from being stolen in our article here.

Please report any theft or attempted theft to local police – you can do it online – see our article here

Accidents – Wet Weather

There have been more crashes at 432 Mowbray Road Lane Cove North (the notorious bend). A roving reporter told us :

“Another crash on Mowbray Rd Lane Cove North. Three police cars and two fire trucks so far on the scene.”

Two more crashes have been reported to ITC this week at that bend.

Lane Cove Council has committed to upgrading his bend, and ITC has asked for an update. Read more here.

A roving reporter advised us of three accidents on the notorious River Road Bend/Bridge Street Bend during Christmas and the first week of the New Year.  – it’s very slippery on that corner when the road gets wet after a dry spell.

ITC did campaign for an upgrade to that intersection a few years ago, and works were undertaken, but maybe it’s time for reapplication of the anti-skid surface.  There was a period of time when there were hardly any accidents. Read more here.

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