Breathing Correctly – 5 Reasons it is so Beneficial!

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Five Reasons why Breathing Correctly is one of the Best Things you can do for your Body

We take somewhere in the vicinity of 20,000 breaths per day. That means we contract our diaphragm muscle 20,000 times per day. Imagine contracting your bicep muscle that many time through the day. We can live about 30 days or so without food and you can survive a week or so without drinking water, however our brain cannot survive for longer than 5 minutes without oxygen without escaping serious and permanent damage.

Optimal breathing technique and mechanism can have a widespread affect on many facets of our health. Breathing not only facilitates the transport of oxygen to our cells, our organs and our brain, it also facilitates maintaining an acid alkaline balance in the body, it impacts our posture and our core strength.

Breathing is an automatic function, we are able to breathe without giving to much thought, however it is one of the only function of the autonomic nervous system which we can cognitively over ride, meaning that if we chose to control it and improve the way we breathe, we can.

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So here are 5 reasons that correct breathing is so beneficial:

  • Correct and adequate breathing keeps the body and the brain well oxygenated.
  • Good posture facilitates good breathing and good breathing facilitates good posture.
  • Breathing maintains the moment to moment pH concentration levels in the blood. Subtle changes in the acid/base balance can have significant effect on the endocrine and immune systems, muscle function, pain perception and emotional dysregulation.
  • The stress response has an impact on our breathing and many of us today are under a state of constant and chronic stress because of lifestyle and financial pressures. This leads to poor postural adaptations and over breathing.
  • Breathing is one of the only autonomic functions that we can control in order to reverse the impact of stress and normalize our breathing mechanisms.

Come along to the workshop being held on 25th of February at the Lane Cove Civic Centre (Cove Room) from 6-8 pm, conducted by Dr Melorin Kheradi (Chiropractor and Functional neurologist) from Neurohealth Chiropractic Centre in Lane Cove. She will be talking about all the points mentioned above and demonstrating various techniques to improve breathing.

There will also be a guest speak Dr Louis Chan (Dentist). Dr Chan will be talking about: What is Breathing has to do with teeth? Why so many kids have ADHD, Autism, Asthma, colic, eczema? Why so many kids need braces?

Please contact us on 94187673 or email to register for the workshop at [email protected]. Tickets are $35.


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