Lane Cove Hottest Topics – 2016

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Google has just released its annual list of Australia’s most searched terms in 2016. If you are interested, the answers are here and include the blatantly obvious, the big events, the strange and well just weird (like why is my poop green?).

Anything Google can do, ITC can do as well!! ITC has put together Lane Cove’s most searched topics on In the Cove for 2016.

Top Category Searches

Lane Cove Event: Lane Cove Village Fair
Lane Cove Sporting or Community Event: Lane Cove Fun Run
Lane Cove Park/Playground: Hughes Park Lane Cove
Lane Cove Restaurant (searched in our business directory): Mowbray Eatery and Fourth Fish
Lane Cove Service Providers (searched in our business directory): Home Cleaning
Lane Cove Education Provider (searched in our business directory): Kumon
Lane Cove Attraction: Carisbrook Historic House
Lane Cove Government/Community: Justices of the Peace

Most Read Articles

Police Arrest Driver After Northwood Pursuit
SES releases Tsunami Map
About Life to Open in Lane Cove
Lane Cove North House First Time on Market in 99  years
Lane Cove Council Names Top 10 Accident Hot Spots
Is this the Most Dangerous Intersection in Lane Cove?
Where Do I Vote? (this does not surprise ITC as Democracy Sausage is the “word” of the year)
Lane Cove Bus 289

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Best photo ever taken (so I will keep using this until I am 90)
Best photo ever taken (so I will keep using this until I am 90)


Jacky and Sue

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