Lane Cove Week in Review – 22 to 28 May 2017

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Welcome to our Lane Cove Weekly Review for 22 to 28 May 2017.

The big talking points this week have been the big bang and the big dry (no water in Lane Cove West this morning).  Lane Cove has also had a chance to look at the new bus timetable changes released this week and they’re not happy – more could still be done to improve Lane Cove public transport.  The State Government wanted more medium density housing in Lane Cove but has so far failed to provide the necessary infrastructure.

Bus Timetable Changes

This week Transport for New South Wales released timetable changes for the promised 400 extra Lane Cove bus services.  These changes will start on 4th June.  You can find out more here.

Here is just a sample of the feedback posted on ITC:

I have been looking at the new timetable for the 252 Bus Route.
For anyone living south of Cope Street, this new timetable will give a better bus service.
But, what about the elderly customers who currently catch the bus from Cope Street. Are they expected to cross Burns Bay Road, without a pedestrian crossing?
I think this issue has not been addressed.
I also can not see much improvement for the people wanting to catch the express buses to the city!
I think its all about trying to get Lane Cove people to join the overcrowded trains.

They should extend the M20 from ending/starting in Gore Hill to Lane Cove Interchange

Am I missing something? I can’t see anything that will help with the morning overcrowding on buses going into the city. There were big queues again this morning at 8.30 with buses filling up at Samuel Johnson Way or Tantallon.

Yes we’ll add more 530 but let’s take the 536 away during weekends!

The Big Bang

On Wednesday morning, at around 5.00am, Lane Cove residents were rudely awakened with a huge bang.  The sound was quite frightening.  According to Weatherzone, it was inversion thunder:

Lightning produced unusually loud thunder that was heard across much of the Sydney Basin, particularly the northern suburbs. It was loud enough to rouse people from their sleep and in some areas, set off car alarms. The word ‘thunder’ was also trending on Twitter following the storm.

There is a good chance that this morning’s thunder was made louder than usual by a something called ‘inversion lightning.’ This rare but well-documented phenomenon causes sound from a cloud-to-ground lightning strike to be trapped near the ground instead of dissipating vertically into the sky.

A temperature inversion happens when cool air near the ground lies below a layer of warmer air. This creates an invisible boundary in the sky that separates two layers of air with different temperatures and densities. Sound produced near the ground bounces off this inversion boundary and can travel much further than it typically would.

Air temperature measurements from Sydney Airport this morning show that an inversion was in place near the surface at 6am, shortly after the loud thunder was heard.

Water Incidents – Lane Cove West

Today, numerous reports of water on footpaths and roads around Lane Cove West, Chatswood West and Artarmon were reported to Sydney water.  Lane Cove West residents (and some Lane Cove and Lane Cove North residents) lost their water supply for a few hours today.   A roving reporter spotted this problem on Centennial Avenue.  It appears that a pipe was broken due to tree root damage.

sydwater sydney water 1

NSW Fire and Emergency Services Property Levy (FESPL)

This week the Lane Cove Council sent out an Email advising ratepayers the new FESPL will be included in their next rates bill.  Be prepared for “bill shock” when you get your next rates notice. The levy funds important services. It’s not a Lane Cove Council levy. The State Government has instructed councils across NSW to collect the funds which are then paid to the State Government. The levy supports the work of Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service in protecting the community from fire, flood, storms and other natural disasters.  You can find out more here.

Nominations Open – Rosenthal Project Community Liaison Group

It looks like the Rosenthal Avenue development will commence in September this year.  The Lane Cove Council is inviting members of the community, local business operators, property owners and occupiers to nominate for the Rosenthal Project Community Liaison Group.

The purpose of the Rosenthal Project Community Liaison Group (CLG) is to:

  • Create a forum for discussion and exchange of information relating to the construction stage of the Rosenthal Project and to discuss planned construction activity on the Rosenthal Project;
  • To identify local issues and to provide the project team with local knowledge and local networks that are relevant to the project team’s development of mitigation strategies that aim to minimise construction impacts on the community;
  • Act as a two-way communication link between the project team and the community during construction works and provide feedback to the project team at the CLG meetings; and
  • Create a forum for discussion and exchange of information relating to place making activation and mitigation strategies with Council.

To find out more, including how to complete the nomination form,  view Council’s website. Nominations close at 5:00pm on Monday 5 June 2017. 

For the latest information on the Rosenthal Project, visit Council’s website.

Microplastics In The Ocean: Talk by Dr. Mark Browne – In the Cove

On Thursday Night, the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group and the Lane Cove Library hosted an informative talk on pollution in our waterways due to microplastics.   If you could not make the talk, check out Dr Browne’s recent ABC News interview.
This talk was held in the same week as Prince Charles stated “Of all of today’s pressures on the ocean, perhaps the most visible is the build-up of plastic debris. We need to progress beyond our “take-make-and-waste” economy.”
You might have also seen the big coffee cup in Lane Cove, this is to highlight takeaway coffee cups and their contribution to landfill.  Make sure you watch this week ABC War on Waste programme where Craig Reucassel fills an entire tram with used coffee cups.
Source: ABC War on Waste
Source: ABC War on Waste

Generous Lane Cove

Lane Cove’s yarn bomber was very active again this week.  Cee Egan “planted” 65 yarn roses to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis.  People who “picked” a rose were asked to donate a small amount to a cystic fibrosis fundraising campaign.  People did in fact donate and if you would like to find out more the link to donate is here.


Red Shield Appeal

Thank you to Lane Cove Rotary for again organising all the volunteers for the Red Shield Appeal and for all you work in counting the donations.  Thank you to the Lane Cove Residents who collected on behalf of the Salvos and for all those locals who donated money.  Lane Cove donated over $22 000 (and counting).The Salvos are always there to lend a hand (they are still in North Queensland working with the cyclone impacted residents)

red shield
Greyhound Rescue

Local Natalie Panzarino and her friend Fer have found a fabulous way to raise money for Greyhound Rescue. They have written a book to raise money for Greyhound Rescue and on Friday afternoon local kids got to meet Pointy Pemberton (sort of).  Find out how you can help raise money to publish a book, where all the proceeds will go to Greyhound Rescue here.


Crime and Incident Report

This week ITC received two car accident reports at the notorious intersection at Barwon/Figtree/Centennial Avenue.  The accidents usually happen when a person is trying to run the red turning light.


The following was noted on the LAC – North Shore Facebook page:

Aggravated Break and Enter – Lane Cove

About 8:00pm Monday 22nd May a female resident of a two storey house located on Gentle Street Lane Cove returned home from doing her grocery shopping. Upon arriving home the resident opened a sliding door leading to a balcony on the first floor of the property, she then headed back downstairs and continued with unpacking groceries.

About 8:15pm the resident went back upstairs, at this time she has come across a male offender standing in the doorway leading to the balcony. The resident challenged the man who darted out onto the balcony and down a ladder he had leaned up against the side of the house.

Police attended the location and spoke with the victim and several neighbours, a patrol of surrounding streets was also conducted without success in locating the offender.

Police are asking for anyone that may have noticed any suspicious activity at the stated location during the given times and dates to please contact Chatswood Police on 9414 8499 or Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000 or

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