Lane Cove News Week in Review 27th January to 2nd February 2019

    This week saw Lane Cove come together as a community and help out a local resident and a local charity.

    Lexi and Luke

    On Tuesday 29th January Lexi escaped from her home after the gate was left open by a person working at her owner’s house.  A roving reporter advised ITC they saw a white Mercedes hit Lexi and run over her legs and pelvis.  Lexi got up and ran into the bushes at Ludowici Reserve on the corner of Best and Penrose Street.  Lexi’s owner Luke came home to search but could not find her.  On Wednesday a group of locals organised a search of the area near where Lexi was hit.  People who had never met Luke before helped out on social media and put together search maps.  By Thursday more and more people were looking for Lexi.  The next move was to arrange for sniffer dogs to come out, however they could not work in the heat.  On Saturday morning a Riverview Street resident found Lexi in her shed and notified Figtree Vet who contacted Luke.  Luke and Lexi were reunited.  Lexi had suffered significant damage to her legs, and they were badly infected.  She will need to undergo an operation.  One of Luke’s friends set up a fundraising page and the response has been amazing.  Our cover photo is Luke and Lexi at the vet where she is under constant surveillance.

    Thank you to Eloise Buhne – who had never met Luke before but took over all the social media work for him. Thank you to Ciara Heydon who put together maps and thank you to everyone who searched. Lane Cove in action is awesome.

    Update as at 6th Febuary 2019 – Lexi isback home! She will still have her regular visits to the vets. When she is better we will organise a ‘Lexi Day’ so she can give you a lick in thanks! Again thank you all for the tremendous support and generosity towards Luke and Lexi 

    Extraordinary General Meeting

    Lane Cove Council will be holding an EGM on Monday 4 February 2019 to debate the Lane Cove Council submission to the draft St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 Plans.  Members of the public may address the Lane Cove Counicl Meeting for a maximum of three (3) minutes during the public forum which is held at the beginning of the meeting.  If you would like to know more about this issue ITC recommends you read the Lane Cove Council Agenda Papers and the Greenwich Community Association’s comments on this issue.

    North Shore Property Crime

    The North Shore Police Area Command has set up a strikeforce to look at the increased number of property crimes in the North Shore Area. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact the command and let them know their concerns and also to ensure that crime (no matter how big or small) is reported. Read more here.

    Macquarie Ice Rink

    People power prevailed this week, with AMP Capital announcing any future plans for Macquarie Shopping Centre WILL include an Olympic Size Ice Rink.  Read their press release here.

    Longueville Road and River Road West Intersection

    The Lane Cove Council arranged for new line marking at this intersection.  It’s hoped new directional arrows will reduce the number of accidents at this intersection.

    Power Outage

    On Saturday night most of Lane Cove Council area was plunged into darkness for about 2 minutes.  The lights came back for most residents (except for some Riverview Residents).

    An Ausgrid issue impacted 30 customers along Burns Bay Road for three days this week.  7 Eleven hired generators and could only sell convenience store items, they could not sell petrol while Ausgrid worked on the street near them.

    Lunar New Year

    The Lane Cove Plaza is looking very festive with round red paper lanterns in place to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The annual Lane Cove Lunar New Year celebrations will be on 8th February 2019 and Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios has a free lantern making workshop on 9th February 2018. Read more here.

    Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Space

    Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios is holding their first international exhibition by renowned artist TSENG Ying Tung. The exhibition opened this week.  Pop up to Gallery Lane Cove to see the exhibition (entry is free). The Gallery is located across the road from the Lane Cove Library.  Read more here.

    Lane Cove Sport

    It’s that time of the year when registrations open for organised sport.  On Saturday the Lane Cove Plaza was packed with sporty people and local clubs.  Dedicated volunteers from the Lane Cove Football Club, the Lane Cove Junior Rugby Union Club and the Lane Cove Tigers Rugby League Club were recruiting on Saturday.

    On Sunday the AFL Cats were recruiting in the plaza and the Lane Cove Rugby Club (Seniors and Colts) were recruiting at the Longueville Sporting Club (aka the Diddy).  Further information here.

    Well done to Lane Cove Local Tom Craig for making the Kookaburra Squad.  Read more here.

    It’s election time and two local sports clubs received sporting grants from the Local Sports Grants Program.  The Lane Cove Tigers Junior Rugby League Club received a grant for uniforms, training gear, safety equipment and accredited coaches for their new girl’s tag teams and Lane Cove Tennis Club received a grant to upgrade the fence around the club. Member for Lane Cove the Hon. Anthony Roberts visited the clubs this week.

    The Lane Cove Tigers Junior Rugby League Club are currently looking for expressions of interest from girls aged 11 – 13 to play a fun, inclusive, fast paced, highly skilled ball game, based on rugby league rules, across the lower and upper North Shore area. Get in contact via [email protected]

    Got A Pen?

    In 2016, ITC was contacted by a Lane Cove local (and school teacher) Natalie Panzarino about a programme she and her friend Lauren McCormack Sundstrom created called Got a Pen.  They created Got a Pen, with a goal to distribute stationery to children who don’t have basic stationery supplies for school.  Natalie wanted to start Got a Pen after seeing so many of her students come to school without even a pen or pencil.  Read more about Got a Pen here.  Over the last three weeks Got A Pen has been holding working bees.

    Thank you to Peter and the staff at Storage King Lane Cove for their AMAZING support of Got A Pen? . Storage King donated a storage unit, use of their truck and driver and storage boxes. There are now boxes and boxes of kits ready to send to schools in lower socio economic areas. Thank you to the Lane Cove Council for donating use of the Lane Cove Council facilities. Thank you to all the local families that volunteered and donated items. Lane Cove is so generous.

    Upcoming Events

    If you love Ru Paul’s Drag Race, then you are going to love Portia Turbo in Drag Bingo at the Lane Cove Golf Club on Thursday 21st February 2019. Grab some friends and have a fab time. This is not for kiddies MA+. Balls Drop at 7pm so come along and grab a drink at club prices and have a belly laugh.  A $5.00 cover charge applies. Due to the level of interest in this event bookings are essential book here

    This week in review is sponsored by the Lane Cove Theatre Company and the Cameraygal School of Performing Arts.

    Cameraygal School of Performing Arts has some places left in Term 1 for students from Kindy to High School.



    The Lane Cove Theatre Company’s latest production The Female of the Species starts its limited season on February 8th 2019.  Read More Here.


    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]