Covid 19 Lane Cove Daily Update 8th April 2020

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Everyone can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by practising social distancing, thorough hand washing, cough etiquette and staying home unless it’s essential. To learn how to protect yourself and others click here.

COVID 19 Cases NSW

As at 8 pm, Tuesday 7 April 2020, an additional 48 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, since 8 pm 6 April 2020, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in NSW to 2,734

There are currently 227 COVID-19 cases being treated in NSW. This includes 36 cases in Intensive Care Units, and 22 of these require ventilators.

A further 2,945 people were tested for COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8 pm Tuesday 7 April 2020.

Of the 121 symptomatic travellers quarantined in 15 hotels, 36 (30%) have tested positive to COVID-19.

A family in quarantine after returning from overseas was transported from a Sydney Hotel last night to a designated health hotel after two, an adult and a child, tested positive to COVID-19. All are displaying mild symptoms. They are being provided with support and care.

COVID 19 Cases Lane Cove

There were 39 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Lane Cove Council Area as at 8 pm 7th April 2020.  You can now check the number of cases by postcode rather than Local Council Area:

  • Lane Cove 2066 – 15 cases
  • Greenwich and St Leonards South 2065 – 24 cases

The Lane Cove Council area and includes the suburbs of Greenwich, Lane Cove, Lane Cove North (part), Lane Cove West, Linley Point, Longueville, Northwood, Riverview and St Leonards (part).

When you do a ratio of cases/population the stats are 39/39486 Lane Cove 46/150 752 Hornsby and 21/80 339 Willoughby (all population figures are based on people living in a local government area).

You can check these figures on a daily basis here.


Breakdown of Latest Public Health Act charges and Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs)

Since 17 March 2020, police have issued 11 Court Attendance Notices, and 136 PINs for breaches of the Public Health Act in NSW.  You will see from below that PINs are usually only being issued after repeated breaches.


  • About 8.40pm yesterday (Tuesday 7 April 2020), police from Tuggerah Lakes Police District were patrolling Yarramalong Rd, Wyong Creek, when they stopped the driver of a Hyundai for a random breath test, which returned a positive reading. The 27-year-old man was arrested and taken to Wyong Police Station, where a breath analysis returned a reading of 0.200. When asked about his reason for being out, it’s alleged the man was uncooperative and could not provide a reasonable excuse. While in custody, it’s further alleged the man urinated throughout the cell. He was charged with drive with high range PCA, destroy/damage property, and not comply with notice direction. The man is due to appear in Wyong Local Court on 29 April 2020.

PINs include:

  • About 12pm yesterday (Tuesday 7 April 2020) officers attached to Mt Druitt Police Area Command were conducting a proactive patrol at a shopping mall in Mt Druitt when they located a man sitting at a picnic table. Police spoke with the 20-year-old man and established he had been warned on three separate occasions the day before (Monday 6 April 2020) after being sighted at the same location. He was issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • During the same proactive patrol, at 12.20pm, officers spoke with a 37-year-old man in the vicinity of the shopping mall. He advised police he had left his home as he had to get out and see his friends. Officers issued him with a warning. About two hours later, at 2.30pm, the same male was seen sleeping on a bench nearby. He was issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • About 2.15pm yesterday, officers from Lake Macquarie Police District attended a home at Edgeworth after receiving information a number of people were at the location in breach of a ministerial direction. On arrival, police spoke with two female residents of the property and two male visitors. Further inquiries established there had been previous calls to police for social gatherings at the location. The 25-year-old and 21-year-old men were each issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • About 11.45am yesterday, officers from Inner West Police Area Command were conducting a proactive patrol when they observed two males sitting on a ledge. The men were not able to give a reasonable excuse for being there, and further inquiries established they had been given formal warnings for breaching a ministerial direction the previous evening. They were issued a move on direction and given a second warning. About 2.45pm, police were made aware of a group of four males congregating at a park nearby. Officers established two of the men (a 43-year-old man and a 58-year-old man) had been involved in the earlier interaction and they were issued with $1000 PINs. The remaining two men were given a warning and move on direction.
  • About 8am yesterday, officers from Chifley Police District were patrolling the Bathurst township when they sighted a man walking along the footpath. Police spoke with the 41-year-old man, who gave several different reasons for being out of his home. He was issued with a $1000 PIN.
  • About 8.45pm yesterday, officers from Newcastle City Police District stopped a vehicle on Russel Road, New Lambton, as part of inquiries of into an unrelated incident. Police spoke with the female driver and 27-year-old male passenger. Subsequent checks revealed the man had previous been given two warnings under the Public Health Act in the previous two days. He was issued a $1000 PIN after being unable to provide a reasonable excuse for being out, while the woman was given a warning, and both were directed to return home.
  • Just after 6.30pm yesterday, officers from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command stopped a vehicle on Campbell Parade, Bondi, and spoke with the 30-year-old male driver, who advised he was going to visit a friend. Checks revealed the man’s vehicle was unregistered and didn’t have his licence on him. The Tamarama man was issued with Traffic Infringement Notices totalling $2172 for driving unregistered and uninsured and not carrying a licence, as well as a $1000 PIN under the Public Health Act.
  • Police have issued three PINs after responding to a noise complaint in Forster last night. About 7.30pm, officers attached to Manning Great Lakes Police District attended a unit on South Street. As officers approached the door, the occupants were allegedly heard referring to “police” and the need for “social distancing.” Officers entered the unit and spoke with four people, one of whom resided at the address. The others, a 20-year-old woman and two men aged 29 and 25 were unable to provide a valid reason for not being home and were issued with $1000 fines.
  • Three juveniles have been issued PINs after ignoring warnings to return to their homes. About 10.15pm on Monday (6 April 2020), officers attached to Wollongong Police District attended a unit on Carrington Street, Woonona, and spoke with four young people. One of them lived at the address, but the remaining three did not and had received warnings earlier that day regarding their failure to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. The three boys, aged 15, 16 and 17, have been issued with PINs for failing to be home without a reasonable excuse.

Police Patrolling Parks and Ovals

During the Easter Holidays Police will be patrolling recreation places like parks and ovals.  In Melbourne, a group of mates were fined for playing cricket in the park.  It was a gathering as there were more than two people (not from the same household).  Find out more here.

Scammers is noticing a huge increase in scams. Be on the lookout for the following scams and let your parents or elderly friends know about these scams:

Early Access to Superannuation – Scammers are using the early release of superannuation during the COVID-19 crisis to call unsuspecting victims and claim they can help you get early access to your super. They’re really after your valuable super and personal info.  Read more here.

Fake Tradies – While staying indoors be on the lookout for home maintenance scammers. If someone approaches your house offering to resurface your driveway or repair your roof just say no – local reliable tradies will never go door to door looking for work.  Read More here.

Free Webinar on Staying Safe Online: We’re spending more time online than ever before. It’s important to know how to access reliable information, stay connected and order what you need online. Register for a free webinar on Staying safe online: COVID-19 edition on 22 and 29 April 2020.  Register here.

Lane Cove Construction During the Easter Break

New rules introduced by the NSW Government allow construction sites to operate on weekends and public holidays.

The rules are intended to allow workers to abide by social distancing rules while keeping construction projects progressing by spreading building work across more days of the week.

Demolition and building work are permitted on a Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays provided the works do not involve rock breaking, rock hammering, sheet piling, pile driving or similar activities during the hours of work that would not be normally permitted but for a COVID 19 exemption.  The construction company must still take all appropriate and reasonable measures to minimise noise.

Lane Cove Charity Shops are Closed

St Vincent De Paul Lane Cove closed today for an indefinite period.  The Goodwill Shop and the Red Cross Shop have also closed.  ITC knows from past experience that over long weekends people clean up and then take their donations to the charity stores.  Donations can no longer be made to any charity shop in Lane Cove.  ITC understands that St Vincent De Paul at Crows Nest is accepting donations during business hours.   There are also several other options you can take to donate clothing such as:

Clothing Clean Up

This is a commercial enterprise that will pick up clothing from your door.  Details here.

Dress for Success

What would you wear to a job interview? That is exactly the type of clothing Dress for Success is looking for to distribute to their clients. Your fabulous suits and other professional apparel could furnish another woman with the confidence to enter or return to the workplace, make a great first impression and land a job that could change her life. You can find out more here.

The Uplift Project

In the developing world, a bra is often unavailable or unaffordable. Used and new bras are sent worldwide. Drop off, and postal details are here.

Items (other than Clothing)

There are options to recycle many items that are currently dumped outside Charity Shops or Clothing Bins.  Check out our A to Z of Recycling list and see where you can recycle those hard to get rid of items.

Food Poisoning

Cases of food poisoning tend to increase around public holidays.  However, with so much emphasis on washing your hands during the COVID 19 pandemic, rates of food poisoning have dropped according to the Food Safety Information Council.  You can further reduce the risk of food poisoning by adopting the measures outlined here.

Easter and DIY

The Easter Holidays are like having two weekends in a row.  Four days to really attack that home maintenance project you have been putting off.

Some of us may think we are handier than we are.  Easter (and Christmas) time see a rise in accidents because the proper precautions are not taken.  There are falls from ladders, power tool accidents, and whipper snipper accidents (never use your whipper snipper when you are wearing thongs).

ITC thought it was a good time to remind people to be careful when undertaking maintenance work.

Do not get a case of Shakes and Ladders. Shows like the Block, Better Homes & Gardens and the Living Room have a lot to answer for. Recent research has highlighted a common source of injury in Australia – ladder accidents, with middle-aged home handymen the most common victims. The majority of home maintenance related injuries happen to males between 45 and 64 years of age. Home maintenance tasks and gardening (including picking fruit and pruning) made up the bulk of the accidents outside the workplace.

It’s not just the incorrect use of ladders that causes injury; sometimes a home handyman will venture into home plumbing or electrical work. Master Electricians Australia (MEA) have urged keen DIY-ers to leave all electrical work to the professionals when they’re doing home handy work so as not to jeopardise the safety of their family to cut costs.

The CEO of Master Electrician Australia Mr Richards said “This Easter holiday may seem like a good chance to accomplish some much-needed house alterations but home owners need to remember the importance of safety over saving a few dollars. Electrical work should never be carried out in a DIY project no matter how capable you think you are or how much you think you know. Our research has shown that one in five homes have an electrical fault as a result of homeowners carrying out unlicensed DIY electrical work.

So please, this Easter think twice about home maintenance. If it looks like a job for the professionals, then contact a professional for a quote.  This is not the time to go to the emergency room at your local hospital.

If you do need some home maintenance (blocked toilets are becoming a common thing) then use a local tradie – check out our local trade guide here.

Lane Cove Covid 19 Updates This Week

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7th April

Lane Cove Guides and Resources

ITC has put together numerous guides to help out our local businesses, to make it easier for you to shop and for kids to have fun. The guides are listed below. We hope you find them useful.

Sydney Community Services

Sydney Community Services is located in Lane Cove and has a long history of providing services to the aged and people living with a disability including social activities, gardening, home nursing, podiatry, Community Care Advisory, clean sheets and towels, home delivered meals, home modifications and maintenance, flexible respite, carers support, shopping services, community and engagement programs, medical transport and assistance in daily life.

Sydney Community Services (9427 6425) is a central source for anyone in Lane Cove or Hunters Hill who either need to self-isolate or choose to not go outside as they worry they are at risk of the Corona Virus.

If you are a neighbour of someone who may be at risk please check they are ok and let Sydney Community Services know if they need to be on the vulnerable list.

They are putting together a database of people who are in isolation but they also need volunteers who are able to help others who need emergency supplies, or even just give social contact, through a phone link.

They take referrals by phone on 9427 6425. You can also email [email protected] with your details.

They are now the first line of contact for many elderly and vulnerable people in our community.

Thank you to everyone who has put their name down for volunteering with SCS.  They are working hard to process all the applications and comply with government requirements for volunteers in the aged sector.  SCS will be in contact with you as soon as possible to work out a role for you to play.  However, as you can appreciate, with each new day and announcement SCS has to readjust and change their plans.

They may need to call upon more residents in the future, but at this stage, they have enough volunteers.

Elderly or Vulnerable People Priority Online Shopping

If you are elderly or vulnerable you can arrange for priority shopping with Woolworths. Coles is working to introduce their priority home deliveries by the end of this week.

Woolworths has introduced Priority Assistance home deliveries to help the elderly, people with disability, those with compromised immunity and those in mandatory isolation. To apply for Priority Assistance delivery, please complete the form at

Coles Online has been temporarily diverted to the Coles Online Priority Service (COPS), allowing them to focus on delivering food and grocery essentials to elderly and vulnerable members of the community, including retirement and nursing homes. They will shortly announce how customers can access COPS; please check for more details.

Mental Health Support

If you aren’t feeling yourself lately the Way2Wellness team are available to listen. Talk to a trained mental health supporter using a free and confidential wellbeing service.
For more information visit: or call: 1300 120 446 to chat.


Closest Covid 19 Testing Clinic

There is a Covid 19 Testing Clinic at Royal North Shore. These clinics are currently assisting with the assessment and testing of people with fever, cough or flu-like symptoms who are returned travellers or a contact of a confirmed case.

NSW Health Advice on Social Distancing

Everyone should practise social distancing, as it reduces the potential for transmission.

Social distancing is an effective measure to reduce the potential for transmission, but it is recognised that it cannot be practised in all situations.

Social distancing includes:

  • avoiding places where it is difficult to keep the appropriate distance away from others
  • attempting to keep a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and other people where possible, for example when they are out and about in public place.
  • do not shake hands, hug, or kiss people who do not live with you.

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