The A-Z of Lane Cove – F is for Fitness

So you want to get fit?  Lane Cove has a fitness activity for everyone. From Aqua Aerobics to Zumba!

A = Aqua Aerobics

Kerri Parkinson’s Aqua Aerobics class at the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre has a huge following. Kerri has had some students who have been with her for years and years. Kerri sometimes has up to 50 people in her class. Friendships have been made by people attending this class.
lane cove aqua aerobics
lane cove aqua

B = Bollywood

Join Monsuun Dance for Bollywood dance, which is a fun & vibrant form of modern Indian dance. Inspired by the high energy music of Bollywood movies, this form of dance uses vibrant & cheeky yet graceful choreographed moves for a great workout and lots of fun!
You will stretch, tone, strengthen core, improve flexibility, boost confidence & meet new friends whilst getting a cardio work out!
Monsuun Dance’s workshops and courses are taught in a professional & fun environment. You will learn some of the basic Indian “mudras” (traditional hand gestures) and facial expressions, along with popular Bollywood dance moves. After warming up with body isolation, basic dance steps & technique, you will learn a fun choreographed routine!
Suitable for all adults of all levels! Beginners are welcome (no prior dance experience required).
Please visit/subscribe to our events page for all our upcoming workshops and courses:
For any queries or information please contact us on 0431 512 143 or [email protected]
We look forward to dancing with you! 

Learn Bollywood Dance in Lane Cove

C = Cycling and Spin Cycling Classes

If you want to get into cycling and need help from the experts, we have two cycle shops in Lane Cove. You can either visit Renegade Cycle or Eurocycles. Riding to work is a great way to get fit.

If you prefer the stationery type of cycle, why not try out the state of the art spin cycle room at Soulful Fitness

cycle room soul fitness

D = Dance

Dance Sensation holds adult dance classes.  Is dancing something you have always wanted to try? Maybe you danced when you were younger and would like to revisit some pirouettes and hitch kicks? Or perhaps you are looking for a social, encouraging atmosphere to exercise in each week?

Dance Sensation provides adult classes in many different styles:

  • Funky Jazz/Hip Hop/BreakDance
  • Tap dancing
  • Stretch & Strengthen (Pilates & Yoga)
  • Contemporary/ Lyrical
  • Ballet
  • Acrobatique – a mixture of dance and acrobatics

Beginners to advanced levels are all welcome, there is a place in our classes for EVERYONE.

Dance Sensation participants  have a lot of fun, in an easygoing environment meaning you can feel comfortable if you’re trying dance for the first time! They work on technique, fleixibilty, strength and routines all whilst building friendships and there is the option of performing with your group in our end of year concert. Classes run on week nights and Friday mornings at only $145 per term or pay casually for $18 per class. Free trials are encouraged!

This will be the most fun you’ll have whilst exercising every week and with our tight knit Lane Cove community you’re bound to know someone in our classes already!  Email  [email protected] for a timetable and more information or head to


Active Dance is a dance class for adults. If you want to get fit and learn a dance routine this is the class for you.

active dance

If you are thinking of dancing, Balletstuff is a Lane Cove Business that sells adult dancewear and shoes at a very competitive price.  They are located at the back of the Atrium Arcade in Lane Cove or online at

E = Exercise For Free

Both Blackman Park and Hughes Park have outdoor exercise equipment you can use for nada, nothing, free!!
Lane Cove Exercise Equipment Lane Cove

F = Football

There are numerous football clubs in Lane Cove that cater for adults. Check them out here. You can play AFL9’s (a modified game for adults) or St Michael’s Football Over 35 or the Lane Cove Rugby Union Club Colts and Seniors. Last year the Lane Cove Cats AFL 9’s even got to strut their stuff on the SCG (if you look hard enough in the right hand corner is a very active local dentist – Apple Dental)
 lane cove cats

G = Golf at Lane Cove Golf Club

The Lane Cove Country Club course is located on 15 hectares of undulating land along Gore Creek, a tributary creek of the Lane Cove River, about 1.2 km south from the Lane Cove Shopping Centre. Lane Cove Bushland Park lies on the eastern boundary of the course which provides the unique bushland character to the fairways and greens.

The course has 9 full fairways plus 2 alternate greens and approaches for variety. It is a tight, challenging course (par 64 with a composite of par 3 and par 4 holes).

Of course after a game of golf, you can enjoy the 19th hole.
fitness lane cove golf club

H = Hydro Pool at Lane Cove Physio

Sometimes when we try to get fit, an injury can occur, if that happens ITC (from personal experience) can highly recommend the team at Lane Cove Physio and the hydro pool.
lane cove physio

I = Inflow Yoga

Located in Lane Cove West, Inflow Yoga is your oasis from the stresses of your daily life. In their beautifully appointed studio (with a spacious 130sqm practice room) you will find a place to invigorate the body and reconnect to your inner being, through the complete practice of yoga.
fitness lane cove inflow yoga

J =  Jogging

North Shore Running and Outdoor Fitness is run by an exercise scientist, their programs cater for beginner runners to advanced competitors. Each Saturday they hold a run starting at a different north shore cafe that is free for anyone to join (well there is a gold coin donation for charity). So if you want to learn to jog and then run this might be the group for you.
north shore running and outdoor fitness

K =  Kayaking

Lane Cove River Kayakers is a racing and fitness paddling club based at Rotary Athletics Field, Chatswood. They meet every Wednesday evening throughout the year for a 6.25pm start, 12km, 9km or 6km time trial on the tranquil Lane Cove River. The shorter 6km paddle is ideal for newcomers to the sport. You can find out more about the Lane Cove River Kayakers here.

L = Lawn Bowls

If you want to take up Lawn Bowls then you should check out the Lane Cove Bowling Club on Burns Bay Road. You can also try the new form of Lawn Bowls – Jack Attack.
Jack Attack is a new family friendly games of bowls you can try at the Lane Cove Bowling Club. Jack Attack emulates the style of play of the revolutionary Australian Premier League, which was staged at Club Pine Rivers and broadcast live on Fox Sports and SkyTV NZ. The major difference to a traditional bowls game is the fast pace format which is more appealing to newer bowlers and others who don’t have the time or inclination to play in the longer formats like pennant competitions. A single game only lasts around 70 minutes but still provides a more structured competition than barefoot bowls. The format of the games is two bowl triples (teams of 3 bowlers playing 2 bowls each). However substitutions are permitted at any time so a team squad can consist of any number of players. A game consists of two sets of five ends with a sudden death tie-breaker if required.
jack attack

M = Mums Going Strong

Mums Going Strong Fitness is a boutique group and personal training company designed for mums and specialising in core and pelvic floor recovery.

Exercising after childbirth is not just about fat loss or trying to get your pre-baby body back; it’s about restoring your physiological functions. We focus on strength from the inside out by working with women’s health physio’s to understand what is happening on the inside in order to keep your pelvic floor safe and strong.

Mums Going Strong Fitness is for mums who not only want to look good but want to feel and function better. We check for abdominal separation and incorporate a combination of cardio, resistance/strength training, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises to give you a complete postnatal workout. We cater to all fitness levels by making exercises easier or harder if you like a challenge.

Mums going strong pelvic floor fitness

N = Netball

Greenwich participates in the winter competition of the Northern Suburbs Netball Association (“NSNA”) in Willoughby. For more information on this competition, go to

Registration is available from 8pm, Sunday 31st January 2016 for the following competitions:

  • NetSetGo (a modified form of netball): 8 & 9 yr olds (Saturday mornings)
  • Netball: Juniors 10s to 12s (Friday evenings)
  • Netball: Seniors 16+ (Saturday afternoons)


The Club’s ability to form teams across all competitions and age groups will depend on registrations received. GSC’s Team Selection and Grading Policy gives preference to earlier registrations so PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!

Current Registration Fees

The Club prides itself on maintaining membership fees that are fair and reasonable and in line with neighbouring clubs. For payment policies, please refer to the Club’s fee policy.

Netball fees per player:

  • NetSetGo U8 to U9 – $175.00
  • Junior Netball U10 to U12 – $180.00
  • Adult Netball – $215.00 (incl. shirt)

Netball Lane Cove fitness

O = Orienteering

Orienteering might be something you would like to investigate. Check out the local Orienteering Group – Garingal Orienteers.
Orienteering Lane Cove

P = Pilates

Pilates is an excellent way to keep fit and gain core strength. Your posture will really benefit from Pilates. There are several Pilates Studios in Lane Cove, each offer something different.
PIlates Connection – this pilates studio is for you if you like small groups in a studio atmosphere. They specialise is helping you rehabilitate after an injury. ITC tried out Pilates with Pilates Connection and really enjoyed it. You can read about that here.
If you would prefer a group Pilates Session on Pilates Reformer machines then you have the choice of Soulful Fitness in Lane Cove or Pure Class Health and Fitness in Lane Cove West.  Pure Class Health and Fitness has a open day on 20th March 2016.
pure class health fitness open day

Q = Quoits (didn’t think we could come up with a Q did you??)

Quoits is a game that both the young and the old can play. All you need to do is purchase this colourful set from In fact while you are on their site, have a look at the fabulous educational products they have for young and old. You can find out more about Crayons here.

R = Rowing

The North Shore Rowing Club runs Learn to Row classes at varying times each year.Each course lasts for 6 consecutive Sundays, from 8.30am-10.30am. You do not need to be a member of NSRC to join LTR. The cost is $220 per person. These courses are suitable for all ages 13+. They require only an average level of fitness – at the LTR you will be learning about technique, rather than the requirements of racing strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. At the end of LTR, you will have the basics of rowing, and a better idea if rowing is the sport for you – and if North Shore is the club for you. You are welcome to apply for membership if you wish.

If you would like to know more about LTR at North Shore, or the date of the next course, please email John James.

north shore rowing cllub

S = Squash

Lane Cove Squash is Sydney’s busiest centre.

Play Squash anytime, 21 competition teams in Sydney pennant or masters pennant, coaching and matches organised

Lane Cove Sqaush

T = Tae Kwon Do

Lane Cove Tae Kwon Do has quite a following.

It offers lessons on Goals, Discipline and Leadership, and the vision of Lane Cove Taekwondo is to make these lessons available to Lane Cove and the wider North Shore community. They want to turn their students into Martial Artists who implement these qualities into everyday life – not just physical strength, but emotional strength. Becoming a Martial Artist will change the way the that you walk, work, the decisions you make, and ultimately, the achievement of success.Martial Artists are proud. They try New Things. They persist in the face of fear and doubt. They practice. They discipline themselves. Martial artists make conscious choices about nutrition, strengthening, stretching and rest.

Lane Cove Tae Kwon Doe

U = Ultimate Frisbee

Did you know that you Ultimate Frisbee is played at Blackman Park?  If you are a really keen Frisbee Player you can join the Northern Suburbs Ultimate Frisbee Club.

V = Vision Personal Training Lane Cove

Vision PT are an ITC foundation sponsor.  If you like one on one attention you should try Vision PT Lane Cove. They are not a gym, they are a personal training studio. When you walk into the studio, everyone knows your name. You can read our blog on Vision here.

vision pt lane cove

vision pt lane cove

W = Wind Sports

There are two clubs where you can learn to sail in the Lane Cove Council Area. You can either learn at the Lane Cove 12ft Skiff Sailing Club or the Greenwich Sailing Club.

sailing lane cove

X = Xtreme Sport

If you really want to test your limits you may want to grab a skateboard and try out the skateboard park at Blackman Park. Why is that Xtreme? Have you ever seen anyone over the age of 25 get on a skateboard without injuring themselves?!

lanecovenew1 (1)

Y = Yoga

In Lane Cove we have some amazing Yoga Studios.

Yogabowl has been in Lane Cove for over 10 years. You can find out more about Yogabowl here. Yogabowl’s motto is Do-Able Yoga for real people like you. They also have some amazing workshops and weekend retreats.

yoga on green

wall yoga
Soulful Fitness is located in Lane Cove and also has a variety of yoga classes to choose from.
Inflow Yoga is situated in Lane Cove West.
Z = Zumba
Zumba4you is Lane Cove’s Zumba workout place. You don’t need to be a great dancer to feel welcome in Zumba! The class emphasize moving to the music and having a good time, no rhythm required!!! You’ll get a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility! The classes are Fun and easy to follow and you will meet a great group of locals.
Lane Cove class schedule:
Mondays 9:30 am Zumba Fitness at the Lane Cove Bowling Club. 1 hour class.
Tuesdays 10 am Zumba Gold at the Living and Learning Centre. 45 mins class.
Thursdays 11:15 am Zumba Gold at the Lane Cove Bowling Club. 45 mins class.
Casual visit $12 for Zumba or $10 for Zumba Gold.
For more information about classes please call Diana 0406765827 or visit our business directory.
Zumba Lane Cove

If you want to eat like an athlete, then read our guest Blog from Body Fusion on Nutrition Tips 

Have we missed any sports?  Do you belong to a sporting club that should be listed on our Sport’s Club page (this page is free for all not for profit sport’s club).
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